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What an absolutely magnificent video. I'm floored by how engrossed I was in your narration and analysis of this game! Thank you, the Tomb Raider community is better for having this.
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Thanks for creating this thread. I would've missed that gem otherwise.
People have already said most of the sentences I wanted to so I won't duplicate their posts but there's still something I need to add.

Some of my thoughts that I posted somewhere some time ago and might make a nice summary:
Originally Posted by RequiredField View Post
[...]I'd like to say that all this reinforces the scary feel TR1 gives the player. This, the "womb levels" at the end of the game, the mutants without skin so their flesh and muscles are out there visible, the sounds they make as if they were begging to be killed and freed of the pain they suffer from every move...
Don't forget that mostly you're running around in plain silence as the background music stops playing after its first iteration. You hear only yourself, the sounds you make when stepping, jumping, colliding with objects (these grunts). I bet you could hear your heart beating when playing for the first time.
Some people also had versions without any music and background effects whatsoever.
There's more not-so-pleasant stuff which players got used to. But I take a different approach to gameplays and a reality sense so I can use more sophisticated descriptions for in-game elements if you want.
I've been thinking why is that people barely mention the scary parts but maybe it's because they got used to them, because they weren't paying attention to details or... maybe they are ashamed of it?

This one was about TR3 but could be applied here too, I think:
Originally Posted by RequiredField View Post
What platform did you play it on?

My opinions: this is one of those game that simulates reality pretty well apart from all the sci-fi stuff, etc.
Why is that? Play on PS1 with limited saves or even better - do a no-save run. It will then show you how fragile human life is and how careful one should be when e.g. going on a trip to the mountains - would you come unprepared and kept on sprinting instead of walking and being careful? I doubt it.
I wish that someone did a somewhat boring but an eye-opening playthrough when they walk casually rather than running and enjoy the scenery rather than rushing through and complaining about graphics. Especially since I consider PS1 version to be graphically superior to PC even though it has Z-buffering problems and a low resolution.
Some people treat games as the worst evil out there, some as pieces of art just like paintings, sculptures and music... but I also think of them as tools for teaching people life, how to handle different situations and how to prepare for them.
Maybe something obvious and silly but still a good example: take your time to have at least a first aid kit with you when preparing for a potentially dangerous situation like... going for a long bicycle ride. You never know what bad stuff might happen but if there's an accident, you'll have some way to make the situation better and the confidence that you have the tool to make it better. You did have a sense of fear when playing without healing kits after all, right?
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Your video reignited my interest in the series! After watching your video, I found myself installing all the classics and started playing them again after many years. I am having a blast!

And you definitely nailed the video from an unique yet extremely fitting perspective. TR1 is a 3D platformer, yet it was probably the most horror game out of the entire series. Replaying TR1 I noticed so many little details (e.g. wicked wolf face in Vilcabamba, Incan mummy bundles in Cave) throughout the game that just "stare" at you from across the screen and are totally creepy. They are silent, atmospheric and play on your imagination that make excellent horror elements. No other game feel quite "entombed" as TR1.
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