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Lightbulb Dxtre3d - How to avoid the “too many textures in level” crash

Hi everyone

First of all, a brief introduction: the TR1-2 engines have limited textures per level (TR3 has a wider limit, and so far I haven’t reached it). The maximum is around 2048.

Which textures are count in a level? Every single one. From the textures you place on the wall, floor and ceiling, to the ones in the objects and statics, plus the sprites. Also count the rotated textures, the flipped ones and the parts of another texture. So you should have this limit in mind before putting too many objects on your base level.

You can see the total textures in the level with some tools: Pixstr 2.2 will show you each and every texture on the Texture List.

How to get far from the limit? A good start would be removing every object in the base level that you don’t plan to use, and if that is not enough you may have to sacrifice a few of the less useful ones as well. But before you get to that point, there is one thing you need to know about some tools.

Using TRviewer

This tool is useful for two things mostly: 1) Adding/changing/removing sprites, 2) Merging objects from TR3 levels without ruining their textures. But the down part is that it increases significantly the number of textures, don’t know exactly why, even if you didn’t add anything new to the base level, just saving it from TRviewer causes this problem.

Using Fexmerger

This one doesn’t show you sprites, and if you try to merge objects from the original TR3 (especially enemies) some textures of the object (the ones shown in red or black) will change their color, therefore ruining the object. This could be managed with Pixstr, replacing the changed texture but it doesn’t fix the original texture.

On the plus side, it reduces the texture count every time you use it, so it’s very useful to control the quantity of textures in your level (you have to make it work to do the trick, just remerge some object or static).

Another problem you may encounter using this tool is the “disappearing trapdoor” bug, in which the trapdoor falls from the floor after you activate it, and makes no sound either (it also happens with some misc items in TR3). This could be fixed (sometimes) by remerging it again.
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