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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
The only bit about that which sounds remotely like a terminator film is addressing contemporary concerns: which Genisys did in abundance in my opinion by the way. What I’m referring to is the over reliance and over abundance on OTT action which I never saw as being an element of the first two movies. They had their moment and they were great but by and large they were about the journey l, characters and story. This featurette is literally ‘omg so much action it’s relentless’ I just don’t dig it. Maybe the final pacing will be more impressive but right now the preview material is not impressing me in the slightest.
Terminator 2 had the bar fight, the Galleria fight (where Arnold and Robert were throwing each otehr about like ragdolls), an exchange at Pescadero, Arnold opening fire on the entire LAPD with a minigun, then shooting the entire SWAT team in the leg, then shooting the remaining police with smoke grenades, followed by the helicopter/truck chase, and final fight where again Arnold and Robert throw each other around like ragdolls.

Sounds like plenty of OTT action to me from the second film alone, much more than just 'moments'. The only film to not have any OTT action would have been the original.

Yes, they definitely went too far OTT in the previous three films and there are undoubtedly OTT elements here too, but we've seen very little of the film even between the trailers and the behind the scenes we've gotten.
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