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Default Torso Monster = Natla's Abortion?

I was just going through the 2001 Jolie film DVD extras that are only viewable on a PC, and saw this:

It could just be a nickname, or Natla's motivations and creations in Atlantis were a lot more dark than initially perceived.

Some of the contents of the DVD-ROM features seem to have been archived here, but there's a lot of stuff on this page I couldn't see on the DVD-ROM.
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"Shark or Eel", "Pierre Dudont", "Streaky Bacon Man", "Flying Skinned thing"...? Something tells me these aren't intentional, professional names And based on that, I feel "Natla's abortion" is just a nickname.
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'Witness my greatest advance in evolution. Now how I am supposed to get it off this platform through that tiny door'.
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I'm just wondering about this digitpress archive.


A newspaper drops onto a table - its headline shouting:


Beneath is a photo of Lara in North American mountains - dressed heavily in fur wrap. Elbows on waist, she casually holds two guns in the air - a big grin flashing beneath her hood shrouded face.

Strung up next to her, reading 12ft on a police-style height board is a dead Bigfoot - his head and eyes drooping sadly

We hear the voice of an American hillbilly (Larsen) close by



Understand ye like ferretin’ fa thangs


CU on Lara’s shades - Larsen’s hulk reflected in them

Lara speaks with a polite upper-class British accent


I’m not sure I’m quite as dashing as a

ferret - but yes, I can see where you’re

coming from

Larsen shifts uneasily in his checked shirt, unsure if that was insolence targeting his origin. But Lara, obscured in the shadows of the seedy cafe, exudes none.

And Larsen continues


Weell is someone here to see ye

He pulls out a laptop computer onto the table



And fastidiously sets it up in front of Lara

Flipping it open breaks a halo of monitor radiance into the gloom around Lara


Yees - Ms Jaqueline Natla. From Natla

Technologies y’understand - creeator of all

thangs bright and beautiful

As he talks, the face of Natla futzes up onto the screen and she cuts his reverence off brashly


Seal it Larsen

Larsen shifts submissively into the shadows



Leaving just Lara and Natla staring each other out through the screen

Then wads of dollars pile up endlessly on the screen over Natla



Feast your eyes on this Lara - how does

that make your wallet rumble?

Lara though, is dismissive


I’m sorry - I only play for sport

And she pulls away to go.

Natla, reappearing as the dollars sift away is fazed for only a brief moment before a calculating smile draws on her face


Then you’ll like a big park - Peru...

Lara hovers - her interest caught and the screen fills with a bleak panorama of Peruvian mountains.

Natla runs a savage travel guide to it



Vast mountain ranges to cover....sheer walls

of ice...

Lara’s weak-spot is being hit with these seductive images of the wild and she’s sucked back to the screen like a magnet



She fidgets restlessly

The panorama continues...



Rocky crags...savage winds...bleak snowy


Lara is absorbed, murmuring


True postcard terrain

The panorama then melts away as a 3D diagram of the Scion spins into close-up



And there’s this little trinket - an age old

artefact of mystical powers...

A series of profiles of the Scion and tightly listed data runs on the screen



...buried in the unfound tomb of Qualopec

That’s my interest...

CU on Lara’s glasses as she acknowledges all this intently



You could leave tomorrow ...you busy

There is stuff I've never heard of before.
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Interesting find.

I'm guessing Natla's abortion is just a nickname for the torso creature. Lacking a lower body it does give off that vibe of being an 'unfinished' mutant. As if being brought to life premature because of Lara's interference or something. IDK.

I see there is even the Dino Warrior in that list. I'm guessing that's a reference to the enemy that was never included in the finished game, but that can be found in the game files if I'm not mistaken? Weird that the list would include an enemy that is not actually in the game.
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Maybe they meant to type "abomination" instead of "abortion".
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Maybe it's referring to the line "Too late for abortions now". Possibly.
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Well to be honest, the entire pyramid was classed as a living womb by many people in the community due to its organic look and ability to breed creatures within countless eggs when combined with the Scion's power. The reason the legless mutant is possibly called "Natla's Abortion" is one because of Natla's speech "Too late for abortions now" and two, Lara ironically interrupts the process via destroying the Scion which stopped its natural development and forced it out of the egg which in a way is like forcing an abortion with some pill or alternate means with a human baby.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Maybe it's referring to the line "Too late for abortions now". Possibly.
That’s what I thought. However, it doesn’t make sense in the original game’s context that the torso would have came out like it did.

If it was like Anniversary where Lara shoots the Scion then and there, then okay, maybe something about the torso got screwed up, but Lara doesn’t shoot it until after the boss in TR1. Maybe something didn’t go as Natla originally planned, or maybe this was an oversight by the developers.
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A few Japanese game guides called him Adam.

How..fitting? Haha
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