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I've used trrc on Windows 7; run it with XP compatibility mode. It should work.
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The Great Chi
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Thanks, Well I tried that registery thing, and now I have got the TR4 game working fine from the PC game disk, so I am now half way there.

Unfortunately no-CD custom games are still freezing, with title music, and then crashing when trying to enter 'new game'. So still the same problem.

EDIT five days later.....Have given up on my win 7 desktop, could not get a solution, so now bought a secondhand win XP desktop from my local computer shop for $75, and now got the TR4 custom games from TRLE.net working on that
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Chug a Bug
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Hate to point out the obvious but you did try the Multipatcher, yes? TR4 had all sorts of problems with OS's later than XP it might be worth picking it up on one of the Steam sales its usually very cheap I picked up for 1 iirc if you havn't already the game code has been recompiled and works fine with Win 7 no patches needed.

Might have some issues some tools though due to the recompile havn't tried it to be honest.
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