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Relic Hunter
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It's far too hard to decide on one level because so many levels offer something different. Overall, I'd say it's between The Cistern, Barkhang & Tinnos (rough estimates). Today, I'd probably give the edge to Tinnos.

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Dennis's Mom
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I will always love Palace Midas. I loved how there were places you knew you were supposed to get to, but it took me a while to figure out how. So many different areas.
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Thailand in TRU. Beneath the Ashes is a close second.
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Temple of Xian. The entire level was filled with Classic TR mechanics. Deadly traps, complex and grand level design, and a wide variety of platforming and stunts to execute in order to survive. The whole level was the ultimate test for players as it tested all the skills you learned from the previous levels. I also love the challenge of the level too. There was never really a safe moment and you didn't know what to expect either as it was filled with deadly traps and dangerous jumps.

But my love for Temple of Xian goes beyond the gameplay. I also appreciate the level design too. I love the grand size and complexity of the level. All of the massive rooms where you have to use Lara different stunts to traverse them. Also, I love the Ancient Chinese artwork that decorates the walls like the paintings of Buddha, the dragon textures, and the temple with the terracotta statues.
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TRA Croft Manor. I just love this level. The outside and inside of the place was just amazing. Just a nice big puzzle to figure out here. The music of it all just made it even better. I listen to it almost daily.
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New Dwight
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There isn't one I could consider ultimate and best. There're all good together.
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TRLA - Highland Fling, for the same reasons listed in the OP and for nostalgic reasons.

TRAoD - Bio Research Facility is a close second.
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I'm gonna choose Japan from Tomb Raider: Legend... it's so iconic
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Only one!?

Fine. I guess I'll have to choose... TR1's Palace Midas.

Tomb of Semerkhet would have been my second option.
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Continuing college for filmmaking. TR fan.
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