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Apple Music
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Dennis's Mom
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Spotify, but I don't pay for it.

I am interested in this "Penquins" service of which you speak though.
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Spotify. I like having everything at my fingertips for a single monthly cost, as opposed to having to buy things separately.
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I just use Youtube. I know, I'm lame.

I tried Spotify once, but I really didn't like the UI and overall it was a confusing system for me.
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Spotify - 4.99 a month with student discount.
Cool beans, man.
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Originally Posted by Daring Do View Post
I just buy my music from itunes.
Same here
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Spotify ( Premium )
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Enya Brennan
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I don't like any.

Used the free Apple Music trial when it was released, but there was lack of certain artists back then and the ones I wanted to listen to had messy album lists and missing tracks.

I don't like Spotify's interface and the general feel of the service. I've tried it and just can't get used to how it behaves.

Don't recall using any other.

My favourite way is owning my music, be it physically (retail stores, Amazon, sometimes borrowing from other people...) or digitally (iTunes, Amazon Music). I love having my artists' work tidy and organised, sometimes adding personal albums comprised of B-sides and rarities, changing covers, switching play order...
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I have to admit, you can easily weed out the audiophiles/music lovers by seeing who uses what. Anybody that uses YouTube to MP3 clearly doesn't give a toss

I myself try and get everything downloaded so I can have it in my own digital library, and can pop it on my 160GB iPod to take with me, I only have 3GB left! No adverts, top kbps rate, and I can take it even into the highlands and listen to it there with no signal
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HD Simplicityy
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Spotify Premium and YouTube. I'd much rather buy my music again; my iTunes library is small, and has been for many years. Spotify is a great service, but I just like owning my music. I'll start buying some of my roughly 1,700 orchestral music tracks some day. It's going to cost a LOT and it'll take lots of time to get it.
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