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apple music because honestly it's the best one. and i buy the physical versions of albums that 100% stick with me.

i actually used to have tidal for about 2 years. idk why i hated myself so much.

Originally Posted by Enya Brennan View Post
Oh, I understand. I've learnt to do so over the years, being able to immerse myself into what I'm listening to regardless of the situation I'm in. It's my little oasis when I put my headphones on and just soak in what's playing.
this. it doesn't matter where i am, music just always transports me to another dimension.
"i could not care less about lara's stupid ass dad." - kapu.

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I listen to SiriusXM at home* or on the road, also at home Youtube via computer.

* on TV via Dish Network, sometimes with headphones on to block other noises.

No other devices, just not with the times.
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I was used by Spotify but now it makes my PC crash so good riddance, it was very laggy by the way.
Anyway, I buy CDs when I love the album and when I will have a bigger room I will try vinyl discs
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I use Spotify! Amazing offline. Although, I am finding it is absolutely dreadful when streaming online. It lags so much when playing with a connection and buffers frequently when searching things up. I'm low-key eyeing the new YouTube Music app though...
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HD Simplicityy
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Weird how some of you have problems with Spotify's streaming. I download music on Extreme Quality and never have issues...not yet.
We live in a story
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Spotify for tracks by artists I like. YouTube for everything else, whether it's soundtracks or theme songs.
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Deezer Premium (with a student price which is cheaper, too bad I only discovered that a few months ago xD)

Edit : noone here seems to use Deezer tho, is there a particular reason for that ? xD Because I think it's really great tbh !
Kisses, -A

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If a music is important to me for some reason, an artist I want to support, or my classical music collection, then I buy the CD. Otherwise I just grab it from youtube or something
I still miss napster though.
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