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Default The Alchemy of Angelina's Performance

It's so interesting when you think about inhabiting the Lara Croft character as gamers, some of us have done it everyday for the last 25 years. When Angelina stepped into the shoes of the role we all were playing in our formative years, she became a sort of gamer mascot. She fulfilled the dream of gamers, to jump into a videogame and become the hero in that fantasy world you dreamed about. We lived vicariously through that bold action to take on that expectation in front of the world and totally live in it. but also a secondary deeper dream inception of the character took place, because as you are watching the film, the connection to the game brings about a vivid muscle memory of the character. Your dreams and thoughts can trigger actual muscle reflexes from the memory you are going through. In that way, the movie is an extension of the game, riding the rollercoaster of deep set grooves of established neuro-networks surrounding the triggers of the hidden tropes.

The film is structured so stunningly in every aspect, it is the most mysterious and enigmatic piece of media released in the last 100 years, leaving you wanting more. I wish we could get all the cutting room floor footage or a making of documentary on HBO Max. This strange 90 minute time capsule of a world gone extinct, is living proof of the transformative power in taking on a character like Lara Croft. The role is the antithesis to the joker character. Where joker reveals the dark side of the person who devotes themselves to the role, Angelina appeared to supercharge her fire for life with it and transform into a superwoman ethereal military goddess. This movie is precious living evidence that Angelina Jolie became the character and became a leader for adventure and discipline and education and class and self improvement and strength and escape and power. So for that, this movie has a magic that no sequel will ever touch in that specific way, but maybe a new magic can be captured in a different way.
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I watched both Angelina movies when they were new, and rewatched them many years later when they fit the "nostalgia viewing" category. And I adore both of them.

They will always hold a special place in my heart which sadly I can not say for the latest movie. Gave it a chance, but it didn't do anything for me.
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I absolutely love the first TR with Angelina. The second one was okay. But every time I watch it I feel so motivated in improving myself and do sports and have fun
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Why does everyone always say that the two AJ Tomb Raider movies are terrible movies?

I mean, I know if we approach it from a pretentious film-connoisseur viewpoint they're not Citizen Cane, but seriously: if we take them as fun action movies, how and why are they considered terrible movies?

I love The Mummy; I love the Indiana Jones trilogy; and I love the AJ Tomb Raider movies. But why are they always disregarded, but the other action-adventure movies I just listed tend to be valued?

The Vikander movie can be burned though.
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The movie was a cancer for the Tomb Raider franchise. The film was the first to ignore Lara Croft's original biography and invent the Elektra complex of Lara and her father. That family drama that we have been enduring in two trilogies (Legend. Survivor). The memory I have towards Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is that Hollywood ruins everything.

As for the movie, Angelina was never a real Lara Croft: black hair, blue eyes, dark clothing. She wasn't Lara Croft, she was Angelina Jolie. She only saved the scenes in Cambodia.
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