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Post More difficulty Saturn version that N-Gage?

I played the entire game in Saturn and N-Gage.In Saturn with model 1 pads in 1996 and in The N-Gage without D-Pad, in a Nokia 6600 in 2006.

But I impressed that N-Gage version is much more easier that the Saturn version, all levels, jumps, etc.

Is certainly this fact? I think pretty sure a rotund yes.

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Welcome to the forum dataDyne.
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Any help?
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I think you feel this way because of the lag the Saturn version suffers from. You should try tomb1main and see how you feel about the game
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Sure? more lag in saturn version? Or poor controls that N-Gage? Or both?

I believe that tomb1main is older than openlara.

I found this:

Originally Posted by amitabha View Post
As for controls, AmericanAssassin is right. It is quite hard to control Lara with the saturn controller. She controls much better on the PSX.


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I played it on Saturn, PS1, and PC (using TombATI). Personally, the PS1 version suffers from severe input lag. That doesn't make it any harder though, all versions are basically the same.

They're all the same game, except for the fact that the Saturn has some minor differences that don't really affect the difficulty.

I suppose if you're referring to difficulty in terms of controls, then it's all subjective. You'll get people to say it's easier on controller and others who say it's easier on keyboard.

Also, OpenLara and Tomb1Main are still being developed. IIRC, Tomb1Main is fairly more recent though.
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