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Default Microsoft is wants to purchase Crystal Dynamics

I will be super angry if SE actually sells TR to ****ing Microsoft.


They ****ed TR over with the Rise exclusivity deal, Microsoft can keep their filthy grubby hands off my baby girl and continue to make and pander their own games to the incels who buy their products.
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I don't exactly think it's unreasonable to expect something like this would happen, especially considering CD's ties to Microsoft, but at the same time, I don't think it's particularly realistic.

We already saw what happened with Rise. TR has always sold better on PlayStation, that's common knowledge at this point. SE is not going to relinquish one of their primary IPs just like that.

To which company does TR belong, though? Is it CD or SE?

I could totally see TR being passed off to a different developer, if indeed the intellectual property itself belongs to SE, while they'd let Microsoft buy out CD.
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I don’t think SE will allow it. SE is all about money. Tomb Raider brings in money, but CD seems to have been working with Microsoft a lot lately. I don’t know. I don’t want Lara being an exclusive to Xbox again, that was a horrible move especially with a sequel to a game!!!
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It's one thing to sell a development company and another to sell an internationally established brand - in 2 major markets (games and film).

I can't see them selling Crystal since aren't they expanding the studio anyway? Plus, they've just started expanding their remit with Avengers. But I can see that more than I can see them selling TR, the brand / game franchise.

Nothing is impossible but I think it's unlikely. With the sale of TR being more unlikely than the sale of Crystal.
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If it came to that, and as long as it doesn't get "Unchartedised", I guess I'd have to buy whatever console Microsoft expects me to -.-
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The Death of the Tomb Raider
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Two important things:

-Tomb Raider is not from Crystal Dynamics is a property of Square Enix. That Microsoft buys Crystal only means that TR will be developed by another Square Enix studio.

-I find it quite difficult for Square to sell Crystal D... is the most powerful western studio what they have.

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The only way I see this happening is if Square Enix was looking to sell their western division. I’d rather Microsoft than any other company in that case, that’s for sure.
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I wouldn't be surprised if that happens tbh.
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Because the exclusivity deal went sooo well. lol I don't believe this will happen.
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