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Finally time for Comic week, its been some time.


It starts to lose me a bit to be honest.
Cant put my finger onto the why, maybe it has to do with the fact that i know tynion will leave and all that.
Also the art was at times not where it normally is, Batman looked in a few panels very undetailed and the proportions made him look like child.

Catwoman: Lonely City

Interesting start, it got me into the story and im curious where this goes.
The way they kill off batman was a bit weak, you dont feel the significancy of it yet.
I think thats the curse of when you build something like this up, you tend to not be able to deliver the emotional punch how the reader expects it.
We will see how they go from here, definitly will read the next issue.


What is there to say, its so incredible strong written and the way the art flows...really enjoy it.
And of course focusing on Barbara and Dick gives it the extra neat flavor.

Nubia & The Amazons

Boy, i was giving this a shot and i was not dissapointed.
Really interesting first issue, will keep my eye on this.


Same as before, i really like it and the way it goes.
Its one of those sleeper Series imo, something not many talk about but is really fantastic to me.

Suicide Squad

It gets a bit messy in terms of art, pacing, story etc...but i have become invested in the characters and want to see where things go...so thats a good thing.

Superman Son of Kal-El

All this talk about worrying they wouldnt build up on the whole "Jon is BI" thing...well i can eat my words.
Not only do they do that, they put some more effort into working on Jons character as a whole.
So thats a very good thing.
Finally after all this time of them making a mess with Jon, someone makes an attempt to do anything with him that has some depth.
More of that please.

The Flash

Boy that was a fun issue...and they did a fantastic job at showing Flashs power, why he is underrated imo.
Super fun.

Very neat week this time, even though im a bit dissapointed in the Batman issue.
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