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Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs View Post
I watched it last night it was pretty good, something was a bit off about it though. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I did like some of the changes they made in the movie, especially Team Rocket’s song. That was cute.
It might be the character models - the designs worked in 2D, but are a bit hit-and-miss in 3D translation. At some stages, the animation does look a bit 'stop motion'-ish. The Pokemon themselves look great, though.

Originally Posted by AntRaidsTombs View Post
Aren’t they? Squirtle popped out of so many darn Pokeballs it doesn’t make any sense and for Mewtwo. I still haven’t found a strategy to beat him yet, but yes he really is hard to beat!!! He knows almost every move to counter any Pokemon you throw out and he also has access to Nasty Plot and/or Calm Mind.
I got a Charmander today, which is great... but not being able to get the others is also not helped by the fact you can't force the Dens to reset unless you beat all the other Dens... and there are two Mewtwos that I can't get beat because nobody is willing to help me and Mewtwo seems capable of trouncing anything I throw its way - including the L100 Mew I have.
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