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Lightbulb Gabriel Croft - Projects Thread


I decided to create this thread to show you my released projects and tell you some interesting backstory to them. Also, I'm going to use this place to share some news about upcoming levels.

Released Projects

First, let me introduce myself to those who doesn't know me. I'm Gabriel, I live in Rio, Brazil, and Tomb Raider was always my passion since I was a kid. I discovered the Level Editor back in 2005, while I was waiting (anxiously) for Tomb Raider Legend. Played some levels, loved them, and decided to try creating one of mine. Through a brazilian TRLE orkut community (orkut is still my favorite social network ) I watched and read tutorials, read the manual that had a portuguese fan translation because at the time I was really bad at english language. So in September 2007 (I was 11 years old at that time) I finally released my first "levels":
  • The Pyramid Of Fire
  • Egypt Catacombs
  • Lara's Home in Africa
  • Croft Manor in Paris
  • Lara's Nightmares 1 - Egypt

The last one was supposed to be a series where Lara would have various, different nightmares I only created the first one, though.

In 2008 I released "The Japan Secret" using the Back To Basics Asia wad and textures.

But anyway, various problems with these levels. I really don't recommend you to play them at all. They were very short, very low polished, full of errors and I think I was too anxious to release them at that time, so it also ended up without any beta testers for them (I didn't even know this was a thing).

Now, I'm going to recommend you the projects I made that I like the most.

In 2009, I released the first level that I was ever satisfied with:

Thailand Souls
Release Date: 19-Apr-2009

In Croft Manor, Lara found a old book of her father, Richard Croft. Lara opened it and discovered a page, saying:

"Hello, Lara, my darling daughter. I will tell you a beautiful story. In the ancient years, in the villages of Thailand, the people praised an ancient artifact called the Crystal Amulet. They believed the amulet brought happiness and good things for the villages. It was sacred, and the gods kept it inside a temple. But after some time, an earthquake killed all the villagers, leaving nothing but ruins. The Crystal Amulet still is in the sacred room of the temple. Now, people might want it, like Von Croy. The amulet is so precious and cost billions of gold! Don't let that mercenaries pick it! Run Lara, catch the amulet!

With Love, your father."

Then, Lara goes to Thailand...

Comments: I know this level is still low polished and with various beginner builder mistakes, but compared to the previous ones I had released, I think it was ok. I consider it to be my first "successful" level. Various errors, yet, back in 2009 I was really happy with the result. If you're willing to see how I was in TRLE back then, that's my first recommendation!

Ship Graveyard
Release Date: 10-May-2009

Story: An Ancient legend says: 'In the Mediterranean Sea, they have a ship graveyard, and it contains billions of secrets, treasures and surprises...' - In 2009, Lara goes to explore this area, and she stops with her boat in the current place of the graveyard. She jumps and starts to explore. But she's not the only in this area to hunt for treasures...

Comments: Still in 2009, I released another project based in Tomb Raider Underworld. I always wanted to make a aquatic theme based level, so here it is. The problem with this level is that I thought it was cool to hide many things like a toggle oppacity wall (and it's not for a secret, you actually have to go through it to progress in the level...) and also very tedious/hard challenges. Nobody was doing any beta test yet, cause I still didn't know of this. As you can see, the same mistakes are present: low polished, errors, not good lighting (specially because I didn't know how to color objects, I think.)

Lara Croft and the Maniac
Release Date: 11-Jan-2011

A serial killer is torturing his victims every midnight in Venice. The only thing that he leaves is the body of his victim, and blood. No traces, no clues. Lara Croft decides to risk her life to investigate whats happening, trying to find out who is the serial killer and stop those crimes. Going to Venice, she discovers that the Maniac may appear in the Central Theatre of the city, in the evening. Reaching there, Lara finds out that it will not be as easy as she thought. To discover the real identity of the Maniac, she will have to explore other locations in the world, like cold mountains and a city. She will have to be careful, and a brave woman, like always.

Comments: A project that I have been working for the entire year of 2010 as far as I remember. This time, my friend Adriel Raider, another TRLE builder, helped me with beta testing. I really like this levelset, but the thing that bothers me the most is some missing sounds and the challenge in the dark, present in the last level: you have to light a torch and jump with it in the dark through a series of ramps and platforms, reaching a place where you can light an object to progress. I thought it was a cool challenge at that time (Adriel too), but... No. It's pretty boring and hard instead This project (specially the final level) was inspired in another custom level that I really love: I Know What you did... by Clara and Hochgiftig.

Tomb Raider: Sanctum
Release Date: 13-Jun-2012

Story: A group of researches decided to explore some unknown and uncharted underwater caves, located inside the forest on the island of Madagascar. But they never returned and no one ever knew what happened to them. The rescue team tried to find them, but they returned with the sad news that no one was found below...

Comments: This level was another aquatic theme based. It was heavily inspired by Dead Island and The Lost Spanish Galleon by teme9, a level that I really love. Fun fact: I tried to remake the huge waterfalls room present in Thailand Souls. I really like this project, in the end, but the problems were the same: missing sounds and a challenge that I thought it was cool at the time: a underwater maze in the second level. Except for these things, I had and still have fun playing it again.

The Forgotten Tale
Release Date: 11-Jan-2014

Story: A princess, betrayed by a man who told her to be her father, is now ready to escape the palace and find revenge for her dead family.

Comments: The first level I worked with my friend, Adriel Raider. We wanted to make a Prince Of Persia inspired level, and as you can see, this does not feature Lara Croft as the main character. It's a very different, new story. You can't use weapons and your main objective is to escape the kingdom. This level was inspired by Tomb Raider Legacy: Secret of Babylon, by Lady Croft Team. We really like this level to this day and it still brings me incredible memories.

Land Beyond Dreams
Release Date: 29-Jun-2014

Story: On vacation, Lara goes to her house in the mountains to relax, but what she finds there is beyond her imagination...

Comments: I always wanted to make a fantasy themed level and here it is. This was inspired by the game King's Quest VII (you can see that I used various tracks from its OST) and also the level The Rainbow Eggs by Ranpyon. This is not an easter level, though. A curiosity: this is my TRLE favorite project that I made until today.

Another Christmas Night
Release Date: 16-Dec-2014

Story: It is 2014 Christmas Eve and Lara promised to her friend Andrea that she would be there in her house for Christmas Night. But going to the place, Lara suddenly lost herself in the small town, and now she must find the way to reach there in time.
No enemies in this custom. You can find 3 secrets around the entire level, and if you do, you can unlock a bonus outfit.

Comments: This level will always have a soft spot in my heart. I always loved christmas themed levels and it was about time that I made one. I managed to make the exact atmosphere I was looking for. I try to replay this every christmas, since it always bring such wonderful christmas eve memories.

Tomb Raider: Salvation
Release Date: 11-Nov-2016

Story: One mysterious cult learned about five powerful artifacts that were hidden around the world. They intend to use them for evil purposes. Now, Lara must race against time to find the objects before the cult members, to destroy them and save the world.

Part 1: Prologue - To start her adventure, Lara must travel to an island nearby Coastal Thailand, the place that might hide one of the artifacts. But she lost her keys to the main manor gates...

Part 2: Treasure Island - Rumors about one of the artifacts continue spreading and it is believed that it is located somewhere in an island nearby Coastal Thailand. Starting this new adventure, Lara jumps of her helicopter and slides inside the jungle.

Part 3: Into The Depths - After recovering one of the artifacts, Lara escapes the island with a ship provided by a friend. She takes her time to take a breath and rest. Reading a journal that her friend found recently in India, our heroine discovers that a luxury ship, the Queen Athena, wrecked somewhere in the south pacific ocean, near the ruins of a sunken ancient city. The ship was carrying on e of the artifacts, but since it wrecked, it was never found. The legend says that the artifact itself caused the wreckage, since someone used its intense power without care. Without anymore time to rest, Lara tells her friend to go right to the pacific ocean. Arriving there, she dives into the sea ready to explore the depths.

Part 4: Penglai Shan - Escaping the Queen Athena, Lara Croft found one more mercenary, a member of the cult. She forced him to tell her anything that he knows about more artifacts. He showed to Lara the coordinates that the cult discovered for the next piece: it leads to Penglai Shan, the hidden island that was supposed to be a Chinese mythology, hidden until now.

Part 5: The Shard - After days searching for more clues, Lara finally discovers that one powerful ninja from Paris recovered one artifact from South America, and she is hiding it inside her skyscraper to gain power for herself. The objective is to infiltrate The Shard and recover this artifact.

Part 6: Mexico - After combining all the five elements, she will be finally able to destroy the mystic objects to save the world. Escaping with the fourth artifact, Lara discovers that members of the cult are searching for a lost city in Sonora Desert, located in Mexico. Thats probably guarding the last and most powerful artifact. Lara Croft is almost sure that the ancient city is El Dorado.

Comments: Ah... This is my second favorite project. It was first called Tomb Raider: Redemption, and after I saw that a level was already released with that name, I changed it to Tomb Raider: Lost Myth. Then, I lost all my project due to HD corruption. It was very tough, but I started recreating all over again, and it was now called Tomb Raider: Salvation. 10 levels in total. I started to release it in parts back in 2014 and in 2016 I released this full version. It was inspired by TR3 and TR Legend. I really love the use of Lara Croft GO soundtrack in the snow level. It has its flaws, but nothing terrible like in previous projects, I think. I guess that many people know me mostly from this project.

Land Beyond Dreams 2
Release Date: 12-Jan-2017

Story: The Land Beyond Dreams is dark today. Lara's aunt Joanne has passed away because she was ill and did not tell anyone because there was no way to escape it because of her old age. Lara is so sad, and she thinks that Joanne left something to her inside the house in the mountains, a place that both of them visited together so many times

Comments: A short, very basic level. I did it as a form of expression and art, I think. It's about mourning and overcoming it. I was inspired by my very first process of mourning: my father's death, back in 2015.

Release Date: 05-Sep-2017

Story: "Neon": a new city in a brand new time. In the year of 2180, humans are testing creations of “humanrobots” to replace workers and make jobs easier. One of them, named “Project Exe”, was the first one to be made with a real human brain. Because of that, the robot was “born” with human feelings and free will. The VCI industries, responsible for the robot creations, wants to keep the project to themselves and in secret. Of course, “Exe” will try to escape them. One of the workers in the place was a spy, and saw everything that happened. Trying to help Exe, he calls her through her wi fi system and warns that she might want to join him and escape using his spaceship, located in the south part of the city.

Comments: I always liked futuristic settings specially in movies and games, but in 2017 I was really obsessed with this. Neon was another project that doesn't feature Lara or a Tomb Raider story at all. It is inspired by Mirror's Edge, Remember Me, Ghost In The Shell and Cyberpunk 2077.

The Amazonian Scroll
Release Date: 10-Sep-2017

Story: Knowing about a lost scroll written by natives in Amaziona, Brazil, Lara Croft decides to explore some ruins hidden deep in the jungle to see if she can find it. It was protected by the people because it tells about secret legends, stories and very effective medicinal recipes. Our heroine thinks this is very valuable and there is nothing we can do to stop her.

This is a tribute to the classic Tomb Raider we know.

Comments: My first classic themed level! It also explores the brazilian amazonian jungle setting that I always had the idea to create, even with outfit selection. The only thing that traumatized me is the mistake that I made. I remember to put the TR3 tigers to hold a place for leopards that I was going to download and replace later in the level objects, and ended up releasing the level without remembering to change them... I mean... Tigers in Amazonia?

The Forbidden Tomb
Release Date: 21-Sep-2018

Story: Lara and her friends finally discover the lost Tomb of Raneb, buried in the desert all this time. None of them, however, wonders about the dangers that await for them inside it...

Comments: Such good memories from this level. It has a little story with little RPG styled dialogues in it. It was really fun to recreate the mirror challenge from TR4.

Tomb Raider 2: Legend Of Xian (Demo)
Release Date: 25-Jun-2019

Story: Lara Croft goes to the Great Wall, in China, to search for the mysterious dagger of Xian. Is it possible that the legend is true?

This is a project I've been working for fun. A simple remake of the original Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian using NGLE. This is only a demo with two levels: The Great Wall and Venice. 3 secrets for each level (6 in total). I don't know if I'll keep doing any other levels in the future, so I decided to release the first two that I already completed in this "demo" pack.

Comments: TR2 is my favorite from the series and personally I really loved how this project turned out to be. I wanted to recreate the levels with my own style. But to anyone who might ask, I don't have any intentions to continue with this project after the negative feedback I received, like "I can't take TR2 levels anymore" and "this being remade in TRLE is not worth it".

Today, I really like to compare how I was building back in my very first levels of 2007:

To how I'm building now:

Upcoming Projects

Here is a reserved place to upcoming projects.

Untitled Project

I'm still thinking a lot about this one, but here are some screens for my most new version of Croft Manor:

The Forgotten Tale 2

Me and Adriel already started working on this one. We'll show screens and info soon

Tomb Raider: Legend sequel project

A project that I've been planning. I believe it will take a long time since I have so many ideas, like remaking Croft Manor and bringing beta levels like Kazakhstan and even scrapped out levels like the rainforest one.

Silent Hill Project

I plan to make a Silent Hill based custom level one day. I don't know if it will feature Lara or a different character though...
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You really did improved ! Your levels today are great !!

Can't wait for the sequel to Legend and also for the Silent Hill one !
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Ok, i will complete this with the first sneak peek on forgotten tale 2. You can expect a more mature protagonist that will use weapons this time, she got prepared for her revenge! The story is already written and the same voice acting protagonist is back (Arakanga from tomb raider legacy and forgotten tale 1). She did a really great job on this one too and i am really thankful that she was able to be part of the project! This will be the conclusion of the story...

UPDATE: Screen added to the main post so don't need this here anymore
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Originally Posted by CheshireBitch View Post
You really did improved ! Your levels today are great !!

Can't wait for the sequel to Legend and also for the Silent Hill one !
Thank you! Ah, I have so many ideas for these

Thanks @AdrielRaider, I'll add this to the main post
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GabrielCroft, it is really cool to see all your progress, and how much you have improved over time, your levels are very neat as far as i could see, good luck with your future projects i will play them,when they are released
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Originally Posted by AndriyRaider_ View Post
GabrielCroft, it is really cool to see all your progress, and how much you have improved over time, your levels are very neat as far as i could see, good luck with your future projects i will play them,when they are released
Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it!
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I played The Forbidden Tomb when it came out and I really liked it. I had no idea you had created so many levels, Gabriel! I’ll definitely have to play some more of them.
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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
I played The Forbidden Tomb when it came out and I really liked it. I had no idea you had created so many levels, Gabriel! I’ll definitely have to play some more of them.
I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Ah, that's one of the reasons I decided to create this thread, so good to see that you're looking forward to play more!
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