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Default Get rid of slow down "traps"

Another thing that annoys me in the reboot is how the traps slow down before Lara is killed. I really wish this slowdown was disabled on higher difficultly so the traps act like proper traps.

Also while I'm at it please include proper traps? Shadow tried but most traps were just some rope on the floor that you can cut and be on your way, avoiding it completely. I want traps to be creative.

Like Nicobus did, you run to grab a secret, but then step on a pressure pad causing the floor and the ceiling to open up with spikes in real time and very quickly, forcing you to move as quickly as possible without slowdown.

I would like creative traps like those or traps that was in the reboot movie where parts of the floor randomly fall. Bolders need to make their return as well as fast traps like the swinging blades at Lara's feet or the swinging axes and stuff.

For a game to be about danger it sure lacked that in the traps department.
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I agree 100%. It gives you all the time in the world to dodge it. Traps need to be dangerous (as you said) and punishing if you do not dodge.
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I agree ! The slow motion and especially the shiny ropes ruined the traps, and they were always the same.
The traps from DLC (and some challenged tombs) are really really good. They're all for once dangerous and inventive. They should be mandatory on the main story path for the next game.
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What's ridiculous is the multiple doors in the dlc6 crypt, picking the wrong one doesn't kill you instantly. You push the switch, it's the wrong door, and you have 200 seconds to dodge the spikes... you're not even scared about pushing the wrong door because of it
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Yeah, I don't get the purpose of traps if they slow down.
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well.......it happened! i agree with charmed!
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I totally agree. It ruins the fun and trial-and-error element of traps in earlier games, and it makes the game less challenging.
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I agree. The slow motion has to go. And we definitely need more variety of traps. I appreciated how shadow's DLCs added some different traps, but in the main game it was like 90% of the traps were those spike thingies where we just need to cut the rope.
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They're on the right track, but yeah, the traps and their lack of danger has been one of my biggest complaints. And like Amunet said, I appreciated the attempt to add variety in the dlc, but I was disappointed by the traps in the main game all boiling down to the roped, spike trap. In fact, if there were no survival instincts, I would say Rise had the best overall approach to traps in the trilogy. The crumbling floors were pretty hard to spot at times.
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I agree actually. But only on higher difficulties. Some older or more inexperienced players have trouble hitting certain key combinations fast so they probably want this feature to stay. They should make it a toggle option if possible.
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