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I don't see the reasoning behind wanting to get rid of the how completely just stop trying to make it her signature weapon when it's clearly not going to take and nearly every other game out there has done it too. Make it optional and hidden when not equipped.
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Lord Lulu
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Long time no see.

Personally I would like the dual pistols to return. I don't really have anything against the bow either. But I do find the bow to be boring after a while. It is nice for stealth sections. Though Tomb Raider was never really a stealth game. And most of the time a firearm is just more practical.

That said we don't even know if a new game will be made any time soon.

Well time to go back to WOW then to work.
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It seems like the majority don't mind the bow and want the duals back. CD, make it happen now!!!
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I think it should be there as an option but the duel pistols should still be her default "iconic" weapon.
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Bow is cool, but pretty generic these days. I do like the climbing axe though, so a good compromise would be to drop the bow, keep the climbing axe and put the dual pistols back into the game.
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I'm not against the bow as the signature weapon, I don't even care about duals if that's the issue but, from a gameplay perspective, Reboot Bow is stupid.

Unbalanced and OP as a weapon,
nonsensical and OP as a stealth distraction with (virtually) unlimited ammo
obvious as a tool for puzzle solving, due to being always on you and context sensitive.

It made sense in TR2013, for the most part, where there was almost no stealth in the game, the TNT arrows required a certain amount of boxes to unlock, and you could use both rope and fire arrows to remove covers.

It had potential of becoming an interesting tool, just not in their hands.
So yeah I'd rather see it gone then becoming the cause of almost everything wrong with the next game.
On-and-off done with Tomb Raider until the next teaser drops.
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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
Get rid of the Bow and bring back the Dual Pistols.

Or keep them both , sometimes one thing doesn't necessarily need to rule out another.
This. ^

Just keep both of them. The bow is very handy to silently take out enemies while hiding. Plus Lara can hunt with it or manipulate areas or certain objects with it.

In the Last Revelation she had that crossbow which she used on enemies where the duals had no effect on...
I remember using this weapon for a few puzzles too.

The duals are too iconic to get rid of them and I miss them so much. They are Lara's babies so to speak. (Don't seperate a mother from her children... xD sry) They even get a special place where Lara puts them and that is close to her bed in Anniversary
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