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Originally Posted by Lord Insidious View Post
Well, that sucks. Thanks anyways.

I got my FMV problem solved, but now I have another problem. With the braid mod installed, the Unfinished Business title screen appears instead of the original, and now when I try to play Unfinished Business itself, it crashes.
I'm guessing you have both the TR1 and UB games in 1 folder.

Try having separate folders for each game, with separate TombATI checkouts.
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Use this to install the game

Choose HD FMVs (remastered) in the installation.
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Lord Insidious
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Thanks to all of you for your help. My game is in perfect working condition now.
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Incidentally, the videos also work for me. It was actually an outdated version of TombATI which I installed with the RetailFix. I have now installed the latest version 1.7 and now the Videos work. I'm very grateful for the tip and now I'm ready to play the game again, although the last time I played it was last year. The only problem I still have is banal and concerns Unfinished Business. I installed the Braid mod for both games but it does not work on UB, the Braid is not displayed. As I said, it is banal.
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