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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
These two plus many other tracks from the TRA OST [Poseidon’s Theme, Bat Theme, Rat Theme, etc.] shames you...

omg the Centaur Boss theme, that track is always in my mind. I wanna replay TRA over and over :')

Don't forget the Manor theme. So relaxing, I still use it when I have to study.
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Actually they're pretty boring compared to TRL soundtrack

Just those two alone top the entire TRA soundtrack I think. And there are even better ones in TRL soundtrack. TRA is just your every typical orchestra while TRL uses orchestra, some techno additions and folk sounds to create a completely unique experience.

I mean even the installation theme was absolutely superb and explained the meso/south american atmosphere of the game completely.

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I looooove the Legend soundtrack. The digital touches (reverb, percussion, bass) made it unlike any other TR soundtrack. Very contemporary sounding while still being based around a traditional orchestra & native instruments.

The TRA soundtrack is fine, but apart from a few tracks, there's really nothing to write home about. Overall it is TR1 but MORE EPIC. The BIG EPIC ORCHESTRA is a little over the top for me. Everything starts to sound the same after a while. But the beauty of music is that it's completely subjective, there is no right or wrong.
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