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I believe the FMV's were done in-house at Core until TR4, at the least I know TR1's FMV's were made by the team.

The inconsistency with Lara's gloves is a fault of them not updating everything. The holes in the gloves were part of Toby's design, and he left before TR2. Lara kept the gloves ingame because they didn't update the texture from TR1, but her FMV model was remade for TR2 and that's when the holes in her gloves vanished (along with a few other design changes like her shirt). They reappeared for TR4 and 5 when the FMV's were handled by a different company, but vanished again with Angel of Darkness (though some early versions of her costume have them).

It's possible she has more than one pair of fingerless gloves. :P

For the inconsistency within TR1's FMV, it's just a mistake. The shots would have been rendered individually and stitched together, 90's PC's couldn't handle rendering all that stuff at once, so you get parts that are older than others. You can even spot a single shot where she isn't wearing gloves at all in an earlier version, but has them for the rest of the cutscene.
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