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Default The General Ideas Thread

...maybe? I dunno. Hit me.

I've noticed that some level builders are really itching to start a new project, but they're stuck in terms of ideas, inspiration or stimulus. I thought it would be nice to have a thread for people who like to be creative in terms of concept, but when it comes to execution and actual level-building they'd rather leave that to the experts.

So basically, if you have an idea for a levelset, or levels, or a storyline, or whatever, you can post it here and level-builders can come and take a look at the thread every now and then, and if they like some of the ideas they can use them.

Sound good? I've thought about making this thread for a while, I just wasn't sure if it'd be a good idea. I decided to post anyway for the hell of it.
oh y'all wanted a twist
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Heylo (: Great thread (and voiceovers) idea
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Awesome idea!

I'll come here a lot.
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Nice Idea.
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There already is a thread like this, but it is quite old by now.

I'd say let's use that one again because even though the ideas may be old, does not mean they are useless now.

The Ideas and Inspiration thread

Thread closed.
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