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I really wish they would’ve flashed those bits out as well. Same as the prophets journey in rise. These were such fascinating concepts and ideas that it’s a shame it wasn’t explored more, or at the very least have Lara acknowledge these parts like you mentioned
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Contrary to my criticism of the Survivor trilogy these days (and Lara), I did enjoy this game when it came out. Maybe not as a proper Tomb Raider game, but it's a fun action/adventure experience, albeit marred by overly scripted sequences and way too many instances of Lara escaping crumbling set pieces.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed exploring the island and learning more about its story. Yamatai was a character all on its own, making up for all the bland side characters. My biggest wish is that Crystal didn't scrap all of the creepy monsters from the Ascension build, and instead found a way how to incorporate them (perhaps not all of them, i.e. the gigantic Shadow of the Colossus enemy, but I'd love to have seen the faceless humanoid wraiths with twigs for their arms roaming in the shadows). I didn't like what we got with the Oni, and I like them even less now after the same supernatural army was recycled in Rise. The game would benefit greatly from having more variety in enemies, and finding the right balance between fighting the Solarii AND the supernatural monsters.

Perhaps the most loveable thing about the game is all the wasted potential. There is a hint of something great, both in the game as a whole, as well as what they ending sets up. Too bad it all went south in the future.
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I actually liked this game as a game in general, it was fun and engaging to play, and I was very excited when it released. I remember I was upgrading my PC, so that I could play it on high graphics on release day. However, after I’ve completed it, I didn’t have a feeling it was a TR game, but some survival game which only has its name in common. After the next 2 entries, I really began to not like the Survivor trilogy, not because of the games themselves, but because they were so not Tomb Raider, but overall, I had a nice time playing them and Shadow becoming my favourite of all 3 because it felt the most TR to me.

But I’ll try to focus in positive aspects: this game kept me enganged with the story until the very end. It was the only out of 3 games that had a mystery feeling and not knowing what the heck is happening around you and that’s what really made it interesting to me. I’ve read all documents that are collected because it was interesting to get to know Yamatai and what is its mystery. I’m a huge fan of Lost TV show, and this game had the exact same feeling while playing it. And that’s a thing neither Rise or Shadow managed to do, because their stories were really a drag and not interesting in a way where you need to uncover some mystery about the events around you. I also liked the simple skill and weapon upgrade that was present in TR2013, and by the time Shadow came, I think they’ve overdone themselves in that aspect because TR game doesn’t need so much skills or loot, and the first one had a nice balance to it.

Although the story execution and dialogues were dreadful, and the characters so unoriginal and basic, the overall feel I got from this game was I was invested all the time, which I cannot say for the next 2 installments.

I plan on replaying the whole trilogy soon because I played all 3 games only once, and last time when Shadow came out, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it’ll be this time around.
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