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Default I finally know what the unused audio said

About the unused audio 005_VonCroy6_Lara2.
I always wonder what it said. The only result I can find is this:

Originally Posted by SparkleCroft07 View Post
Von Croy: The craftsmanship of the Shenlagh, lost to mankind, as sand sifting through the fingers of an open hand, does it not move you, child?
Young Lara: I'll break out the camera, when we get to the iris...
It's a mystery what Shenlagh is. Today I found it's possible to be Chenla, the kingdom before Angkor. So the audio is

Von Croy: The craftsmanship of the Chenla, lost to mankind, as sand sifting through the fingers of an open hand. Does it not move you, child?
Lara: I'll break out the camera, when we get to the Iris.
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Oh this is a cool find! It's certainly plausible that Werner was referring to Chenla all along.

I just added your finding to my TR4 transcript.
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Exclamation Actual historical reference

@xtimz: nice find, thanks for sharing! don't know why this went unused, would have been a cool little reference to actual history.
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I also keep a transcript, basically copied from other websites. Save the following code into an HTML file (with .html file extension), that's it. It contains the transcript for the audios in the audio folder. It does not contain those in the fmv folder.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<title>Dialogue - TR4</title>
<style type="text/css">
body {
	background-color: #F9F9F9;
	font-family: Verdana;
	font-size: 14px;
	text-align: justify;
.table-layout {
	border-collapse: separate;
	border-spacing: 48px;
	display: table;
	margin: -48px auto;
.table-layout .table-layout-row {
	display: table-row;
.table-layout .table-layout-row .table-layout-cell {
	background-color: #FFFFFF;
	border: 1px solid #C6C6C6;
	display: table-cell;
	max-width: 690px;
	min-width: 690px;
	padding: 12px 30px;
.Lara {
	color: #FF00FF;
.VonCroy, .JeanYves, .Azizus {
	color: #8080FF;
.Semerkhet, .Soldier, .Guard {
	color: #008000;
.Level {
	font-weight: bold;
.Audio {
<div class="table-layout">
  <div class="table-layout-row">
    <div class="table-layout-cell">
      <p>Major Characters:<br />
        <span class="Lara">Lara</span>, <span class="VonCroy">Von Croy</span>, <span class="JeanYves">Jean-Yves</span>, <span class="Azizus">Azizus</span>.</p>
      <p>Minor Characters:<br />
        <span class="Semerkhet">Semerkhet (Hall Of Demetrius)</span>, <span class="Soldier">Soldier (Street Bazaar)</span>, <span class="Guard">Guard (Menkaure's Pyramid)</span>.</p>
      <hr />
      <p class="Level">Angkor Wat</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">085_intro</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">And so, we breach the sanctum of the ancients. The first footfalls in this tomb for centuries.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">This place gives me the creeps. After you.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">001_VonCroy2</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Careful. All is not as it seems. Concealed traps and pitfalls await the unwary. You must stay close and follow my instruction.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">002_VonCroy3</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Good men have died for the information contained herein, and cruel men have bartered the information for their own ends. For this we must respect it. We will not deviate from its route and you will not deviate from my instruction. This way!</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">003_VonCroy4</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">The first obstacle. A small hop to test your - how do you say - pluck. Press and hold Walk. Now, push Forward.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">004_VonCroy5</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Come, come, child. Do not fear. This is merely an appetizer for the perils ahead. Push Forward and Jump together.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">005_VonCroy6_Lara2</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">The craftsmanship of the Chenla, lost to mankind, as sand sifting through the fingers of an open hand. Does it not move you, child?</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I'll break out the camera, when we get to the Iris.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">006_VonCroy7</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Patience child. Disrespect is the route to carelessness. Our route lays beyond the stream.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">007_VonCroy8</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">This gap is wider, and the edge is treacherous. First walk to the edge, then press Forward and Jump together. When you are in mid-air, press and hold Action. You will grab the outcrop.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">008_VonCroy9a</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Hold Action, and press Up.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">009_VonCroy9b_Lara3</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ah, the pace is quickening now, ja? One more crossing, child. Or do you wish to stop for tea?</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Oh, I think I can just about hold it together. Wouldn't want to spill it your nice suit at any rate.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">010_VonCroy10</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">This one calls for a run-up. I will go first.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">011_VonCroy11a</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Be careful now, child. We have little time for incompetence. Walk to the edge, then tap Back to give yourself a run-up.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">012_VonCroy11b</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Now, press Forward and immediately press and hold Jump. Now hold down Action to grab onto the ledge.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">013_VonCroy12_13a_Lara4</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">A useful crack, rendered by the hand of time, invisible to the untrained eye.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">You're a regular superhero, Werner.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ah yes, the super... man? Hmph! Is enough comedy.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">014_VonCroy13b</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Run to the wall. Now press Forward and hold Action to grab on. Now press Right to shimmy across.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">015_VonCroy14</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Good! Good! Now press Forward to climb up.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">016_VonCroy15</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">This is a high fall. You should lower yourself down to be safe. Turn around to face away from the door. Now press Back and hold Action. Let go of Action to fall to the floor.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">017_VonCroy16_lara5</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Your chance to earn your keep fr&auml;ulein. The mechanism to activate the bridge lies at the other side of the stream. These rivers cascade through chambers and caverns deep below these prehistoric foothills. As a consequence...</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Freezing! I guess. The old gout's playing up again, Werner?</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">018_VonCroy17</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">In deep pools, you can swim by pressing Jump. Use the directions to navigate through the water. There may be artifacts, trinkets at the bed.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">019_Lara6_VonCroy18</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Your average priceless seaweed.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">No prizes for you this time, Lara! Ah well, use Forward and Left and Right to move across the surface until you reach the shore. Then press Action to climb out.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">020_VonCroy19</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Look for a lever or pressure pad. There must be one close by. When you find it, use Action to activate it.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">021_VC20_L7_VC21_L8_VC22a</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">You will catch your death in those clothes, my dear. A quick sprint up that ladder will dry you out again.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Such concern. I never knew you cared.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Dear Lara, you are a valuable asset to the quest.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">You old romantic, you.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Yes, quite.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">022_VonCroy22b</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Walk up to the ladder. Now press and hold Action to climb up onto it. Keep this button pressed, and use Forward to climb to the top.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">023_VonCroy23</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">There will be another lever up there. Pull it, then get back down here quickly. The quest is nearly at an end.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">024_VonCroy24a</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Swiftly across the vines now. Press Jump, then hold down Action to grab onto the bars.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">025_VonCroy24b</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Now press Forward to swing across. Don't let go of Action, or you will again be for the plunge.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">026_VC25_L9_VC26_L10</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">There is no mention of this in the texts. I fear this must be opened internally. We must enter through the grate and be wary of snares.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I presume by "we" you refer to me.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ja. My heavier frame may activate traps. You will pass unnoticed.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">How convenient.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">027_VonCroy27</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Stand facing the grate. Now, press and hold the Crouch button. Push Forward to crawl into the gap. Be alert!</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">028_VonCroy28_L11</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ah, a backpack. Let us hope it does not hold the same luck for you as its previous owner.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I make my own luck, Werner. What now?</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">029_VonCroy29</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Now it begins. The eyes of the ancients are upon us, and their vengeance is wrathful. We must move quickly! When running, press and hold Sprint to gain extra speed.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">030_VonCroy30</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Dive through the gap! Dive through the gap! Press Jump to perform a diving roll!</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">031_VonCroy31_L12</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">The Garden of the Five Towers. To the right, the Path of the Heretical. To the left is the Route of the Virtuous.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">You know me, Werner. A regular virtuoso.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">032_VonCroy32_L13</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">So you found the Garden of the Five Towers. Well done, my child. To the right, the Path of the Heretical. To the left is the Route of the Virtuous.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I'm up for a little heresy.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">033_VonCroy33</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Now it becomes interesting, ja? You see now, it is not for the weak of heart. How do you hold up girl?</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Oh, I think I could get used to this.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">034_VonCroy34</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">The door before us requires two people to open it. You go up to the alcove above the door. I will activate the switch down here.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">035_VonCroy35</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Push Forward. Now press and hold Action. When you're hanging from the ledge, hold down Crawl to squeeze into the gap.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">036_VonCroy36</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Swing across to the alcove. Jump from the ledge, then hold down Action to grab the vine. To release, let go of Action.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Race For The Iris</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">037_VC37_L15_VC38</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">And now for the last. You are an exemplary student, Lara, although you have not yet learned the root of all adventuring: the craving to win at whatever cost. I throw down the guantlet to you, my child. Whoever is first to the Iris claims the prize.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Watch your back, old man. I warn you, I'll pull no punches.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Hahaha. I expected no less. On the count of three. One, two...</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">078_croywon</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ha! I am not such an old man after all, ja? Come here, child. The mechanism will require us both to release it.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">The plinth inscription warns vengeance on those who remove it.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">089_larawon</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">And so, the pupil excels the master. I congratulate you on your agility. Take your prize from the plinth. You have earned it.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">In the time you took to find your way here, I've examined the inscriptions. It warns of vengeance on those who remove it.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">082_finale</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ah, ancient hocus pocus. Forget this nonsense and come over here!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I don't count poison darts and triggered entombment your average child's tea party. I feel we should lend this some respect.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Ah, and you are the world-famous archaeologist-adventurer, Lara Croft, ja? No, no, I am the renowned archaeologist-adventurer, Werner Von Croy, and you will do as I say! Go to wall, and pull the lever!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">What was it you said? Disrespect is the route to carelessness?</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">I am weary of this. Pull the lever now, Miss Croft.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">On your head be it, Von Croy.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Have faith in experience, child, and you will learn more than simple...</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">You were saying?</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">My leg! My leg! I am trapped! My leg is trapped! Help me, Lara! Help me!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Hold on! I'm coming back to get you!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Werner!</span></p>
    <div class="table-layout-cell">
      <p class="Level">Great Hypostyle Hall</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">087_jeepB</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">After her!</span></p>
      <hr />
      <p class="Level">Alexandria</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">091_minilib1</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">More information, Oui? I believe some of the armor could be here in the town. A local collector had a small exhibition and was rumored to own a piece. It is hard to say if this is true. The man was a fool. A while back he vanished, leaving the exhibition boarded up. So if Von Croy hasn't got to it, perhaps this would be the place to begin.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Alexandria</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">092_minilib2</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">Lara, I've been doing some reading and it is highly probable that some of the armor is hidden down in the catacombs themselves. But you must take care. Word of Von Croy's men fleeing from the tunnels has reached me. Seth's apparitions have begun to move into the city, gathering at the ancient sites. You must hurry and find the library.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Alexandria</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">093_minilib3</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">Greetings, Lara. Remember, somewhere in the library will be the means to guide you to the location of Cleopatra's palaces. Von Croy will not know you have found the library yet, but I have heard - through connections - that he has hired new local help and is doubly searching for another way in. For the moment we have the advantage, but I fear that we must move quickly if we are to stay ahead. Remember, the Great Library was very much like a university to ancient Alexandria. It will be full of knowledge, puzzles, and invention. You will need quick wits to get through. Good luck, my friend.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Hall Of Demetrius</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">090_libend</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">The tablet was returned to the sands that spawned it, beneath the citadel...</span><br />
        <span class="Semerkhet"> of Saladin in ancient Cairo, foretelling the time in the distant millennia when the stars of Orion come together, the ceremony is performed, and Seth entombed.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Hello, my dear. Another unannounced visit. I see you have found the scroll we unearthed. Interesting reading, ja?</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Only interesting if you know what it refers to.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Yes, yes. Quite correct, my dear. The armor on its own is no more than a curiosity. But with the amulet and the ceremonial tablet, it becomes an important historical artifact predating the Bible by centuries.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">There is more at stake here than the sum of the pieces, Von Croy. Ever heard of Armageddon? Unpleasant, even by your standards.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Rebinding the spirit of Seth, putting the armor on the statue at midnight at the turn of the millennium, so on and such like. I was never a believer in this magical hocus pocus.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Fools! After her!</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Alexandria</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">094_minilib4</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">Ah, Lara, you have most truly put Von Croy's nose out of joint this time. If events were less catastrophic, I would be very happy. As it is, we must now be even more careful. He will become more desperate and thus more dangerous. Be on your guard. Use the artifact to get into the Cleopatra's palaces and find the rest of the armor. Tread carefully now, and not too much sightseeing, hmm?</span></p>
      <hr />
      <p class="Level">Citadel Gate</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">075_captain1</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">What in God's name has happened here? Where are the rest of my men?</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I banged into a couple of them. They appeared to have sealed off all of the exits.</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">Yes, yes. This... this is good. You must help us to... (coughs) liberate the city.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I am just here for directions. I need a route to the Citadel.</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">This is not so good. This is where the main activity takes place.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Activity?</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">We encountered it as the skies began to darken. A creature of our ancient past. It tore through my men like a firestorm. I managed to station an ammunition truck before the beast. Had a mind to ignite the explosive device in the area, but with renewed vigor it forced us back. It was as if it knew of our plans.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Beast or no beast, Sarge, I've got to get into that building.</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">You have spirit. Perhaps... As we retreated we have mined some of the streets to prevent contamination. Two of my men are still in the area, out by the northern cemetery. One of them holds the frequency for the mine detector. The other holds the second half of the code for the explosive device.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">And if I find them?</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">Tell them Sergeant Azizus sent you. I heard your motorbike. Once you have the codes, take me on it to the ammunition truck. I shall eradicate the blockage. But hurry. I am not long of this world.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">076_captain2</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">Your bike will need modifications to clear some of the larger obstacles. Nitrous oxide connected to the carburetor should give you the extra punch. Go! Bring me the codes!</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Street Bazaar</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">099_whouse</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Put your gun away. Azizus sent me.</span><br />
        <span class="Soldier">Help me, Englisher. I bleed to death. I tried to hide, but those things smell the blood on me.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I've come for the mine frequency. I need to get back to Azizus through this rabbit warren with both legs intact.</span><br />
        <span class="Soldier">I do a good job with the mines. Ah, not that it does us any good. We are all dead or are dying.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Where are the rest of you? I need the explosive codes.</span><br />
        <span class="Soldier">Saida, my colleague, lies across the roof bridge in the mosque. As we retreated, something new that we had not encountered before came from the shadows like lightning and took his head.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">The codes?</span><br />
        <span class="Soldier">Inside his head! Inside the creature!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I need those codes!</span><br />
        <span class="Soldier">Search his body. I don't know. Leave me for now, for I am weak and wish to prepare myself for my God.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Citadel Gate</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">077_crocgod</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">You are a strong woman...</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Lara. And you handled yourself pretty well, Sergeant. You've got the codes. What now?</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">After all we've been through, I think not. This is merely insurance.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Against what?</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">Against your stopping me from doing my duty. Somebody needs to drive that truck in there.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Kamikaze.</span><br />
        <span class="Azizus">Whatever it takes for my country. In the next life, then, my friend.</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Citadel</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">079_crypt1</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">Thank God you made it! Von Croy... I saw it myself. I would not have believed such a thing. He is possessed of Seth!</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Get out of here, Jean. I have a feeling things may turn nasty.</span><br />
        <span class="JeanYves">He is digging under the Citadel into the Crusaders' vaults in search of the ceremonial tablet, the tablet which contains Seth's binding incantations. Be careful, Lara. I fear there are things in the vaults man was not meant to see.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">I am not a man, Jean, and I am always very, very careful.</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">We have it. The ancient ceremonial tablet. Take it and prepare it and see if the Croft woman has arrived with our armor.</span></p>
      <p><span class="Audio">080_crypt2</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">Come in, Lara. I have been expecting you. Come to me, child. Do not fear your old colleague. I merely require the armor that you hold in your possession.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">And in return?</span><br />
        <span class="VonCroy">I will grant you vigor as those around you fall. You shall command the ultimate power: that of life or death over those you choose at your side. And in return they will bow at your feet and give worship.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Got my fair share of that already. And besides, give a jackal your hand and he'll bite off the whole arm.</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">Barking mad.</span></p>
      <hr />
      <p class="Level">Sphinx Complex</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">084_inscrip</span><br />
        <span class="Lara">The inscription reads, "One night in dreaming came to me the spirit of the sphinx. In his passing, he spoke unto me words of great wisdom. 'Thutmosis, here is your true destiny: This land of Egypt is forever yours to rule. In return, protect me always from the sands of time. As you are, I must be free from head to toe, so that we both may see the divine beauty of creation.'"</span></p>
      <p class="Level">Menkaure's Pyramid</p>
      <p><span class="Audio">097_scorpion</span><br />
        <span class="Guard">Allah be praised! For a moment, I thought I was dead for sure. Please, for your own safety, take these keys and hide in the pyramid of Menkaure. Save yourself from these abominations!</span></p>
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Thumbs up

I like how your transcript is organised by location, file name and colour. Very tidy!
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