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Default India Backpack Patch

Hi everyone, some of you may know me from Twitter and are aware of my deep love of Tomb Raider III. Well, a fun little issue we've had to deal with this whole time in India is the horrible two little transparent holes in Lara's backpack that show right through her model. This is something that has bothered me for a long time. It's clearly a reused texture from Tomb Raider II in Tibet, as the same exact transparent holes are there as well, just that the texture is mirrored. Either way, I went ahead and both got rid of this issue, and also evened out her backpack buckles since they're quite ugly from the get go.

I'd post a comparison image but either I'm not allowed or this old forum user face has stumped me lol.

Either way, hope you enjoy this quick little patch. It's fixed for all of the India levels and in-game cutscenes. Have fun

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