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Arrow The Prisoner Makes It Through The Door Towards The Rocket (Area 51)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOAH5KRav7M

There are eleven prisoners who help you in the Nevada section; nine in High Security Compound and two in this level. The first prisoner of this level can only help you against one MP Guard. The second prisoner would normally be able to help you against six MP Guards. This video focuses on the second prisoner. In the area where the second prisoner features, there are two sets of metal doors which lead towards where the rocket is. You can't enter through these doors, as they close before you get the chance. Instead, you have to pull a switch which opens up a crawlspace that leads through to where the metal doors would've taken you to. In this video, I show you that it's possible for the prisoner to make it through the metal doors. If you loiter near the doors but without causing them to close, then you can wait for the prisoner to pass through. He can then deal with a MP Guard who you yourself would normally have to kill. When the metal doors close, two sets of other doors open and two MP Guards are unleashed. If the prisoner goes through the metal doors, then he won't be able to help you against these two MP Guards since he'll be out of range. You have to decide if you'd rather have the prisoner assist you with the two MP Guards who spawn before the metal doors, or the MP Guard who features beyond the metal doors. He won't be able to help you with both.
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