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Arrow Fastest Way Of Killing The Giant Mutant In A Speedrun (The Great Pyramid)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVKfHhXRUBI

Here we are at The Great Pyramid. The level begins with you having to kill the giant mutant. I've seen speedrunners complete this level while killing the mutant with the Uzis. However, I think it can be faster to kill the mutant with the Shotgun instead, providing that you shoot him from close range. I believe that the Shotgun does work out to be the best gun when it's used from close range, and I do kill the mutant more quickly in this video when I use the Shotgun. The purpose of this video is to bring this to our attention and to advise speedrunners to kill the mutant with the Shotgun as opposed to the Uzis. If you're doing a speedrun for the whole of TR1, then it might work out better to use the Uzis as the ammo stretches further; you would have to pick up a lot more Shotgun shells than Uzi clips throughout the game, and the time consumed in obtaining those Shotgun shells will probably outweigh the time saved from using the Shotgun against the mutant in The Great Pyramid. However, if you were to do an individual speedrun for the Great Pyramid then I think that it would be in your best interest to use the Shotgun and not the Uzis. You could have ample ammo at the start of the level without the time taken to obtain the ammo being added on to the time of your speedrun for The Great Pyramid. I hope that you find this useful and consider what I've said.
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Indeed, it looks like you can defeat the giant mutant with the shotgun faster than with the Uzis. I found some speedruns of "The Great Pyramid" and the speedrunners were using the Uzis. Strange.
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Well looking at the Hit Point table below, the mutant has very high hit points of 500, making it a very powerful baddy. (note table is TR1 first run through, as the points go higher second run through, making it tougher to play),

Also looking at the guns inflicting points in table, the shotgun is the most powerful weapon per shot at 24. The Uzi is only 1 per shot, but can fire more rounds quicker, so its a case of how fast you can fire the shotgun to inflict more hit points

Well done

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I just checked the tables on speedrun.com. Runners do use the shotgun when The Great Pyramid is run individually by itself, meaning they use a save file which has all pickups from the previous levels.

Something you have to consider however is that when the game is run in its entirety, the runners also have to carefully plan the routes of which pickups are the fastest to get and I suspect there just aren't enough shotgun shells lying right on or near the main path to justify using the shotgun as opposed to the uzis.

Let's say using the shotgun saves 5 to 10 seconds, however it costs 20 seconds to get enough ammo in the previous 2 levels. It's clearly not efficient enough. Meanwhile the final section of the game is littered with uzi ammo, a lot of it right on the main route. The weapon just sits right at your feet in Atlantis.

Edit: I just looked up the current world record by Footi and he doesn't even have the shotgun weapon itself, let alone ammo for it at the beginning of the Great Pyramid. I'm sure the maths has already been done and getting the shotgun and shells must be too time consuming.
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What Tomee said, especially if it's an any % glitched speedrun, at which point the shotgun secret in Natla's Mine and Shotgun Guy (I don't remember what his name is) are skipped altogether.
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jeffrey van oort
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Nice YouTube fan video & nice table. I didn't think that one bullet from the uzi equals one bullet from the infinite ammo dual guns.

I think that there might be some sort of motivation not to use the shotgun. It is a videogame, just try to play that as you want to. It seems logical to play with the strongest weapons.
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