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The funny thing is so many people have started playing the classics and streaming them now. If anything does come it'll probably sell poorly because they missed the boat and took too long to get their arses in gear...but of course it will be more proof no one wants classic TR
... in my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 View Post
Something interesting about the T.R.U.E. Trademark, not only did the extension get approved but the "Intent to Use" was assigned. For reference Halo Infinite had its "Intent to Use" assigned in May of 2021. SIX MONTHS before its release. 👀

A bit of optimism would be marvelous. I do think that implying that a release would be due in 6 months from now is maybe a bit too optimistic. So here is a term I've become familiar with, over the last few years. Fake News. And the rampage continues.
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