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Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
This sounds like a really strange critique, but I hope they either make Lara shut the **** up in gameplay or at least extend her vocabulary. Her reaction to pretty much anything in Shadow, including all of the DLC is "****". I played one of the DLC's yesterday and I swear she said it like ten times. It's so grating!
This a thousand percent.

Replaying TRA right now, as much as I critique that game and have issues with it, at the very least it's extremely refreshing to play the game without Lara jabbering.

I don't know why some devs think the main character has to talk every xyz number of minutes, but it's completely unnecessary and more annoying than anything. The classics were perfect in this regard, she only needs to talk when saying "No!" or if a cutscene is going. It's really unnatural and immersion breaking to have someone talking to themselves all the time anyway, especially when 90% of her vocabulary is just the swear word for poop I don't even mind her swearing, but give her more British slang, she sounds so American in the reboot series.
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It's almost ironic how Reboot Lara is captain obvious and Anniversary Lara in her diary just throw at you sphinx riddles that doesn't help at all through the game.
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The talking was about right in AoD imo. She doesnít talk all the time, but she occasionally makes remarks at different situations. Itís much better than cursing at any given chance.
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