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Question "Will your hand luggage require emptying or filling?"

This line has been bugging me a while now, what is Winston talking about?

I've come up with three possibilities:
  1. He's asking if Lara is off out again already and if so, will she need more clean clothes?
  2. Her clothes are riddled with bullet holes and they'll need to be sewn up again
  3. Her guns are out of ammo and will need restocking

Pretty sure it's #1, but I'm curious what your interpretation was
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I interpret it as Winston asking if she's going to stay a while or go immediately. If she's going to stay, he will empty it and take care of the stuff, if she will go out, he will fill a luggage for her.

But actully I don't think it's %100 about clothes or a literal luggage. Surely there's some realism about having a luggage and all but I think he was simply asking if she's immediately leaving for somewhere else and if she needs anything.

He's a butler after all.
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I don’t think it’s something to be interpreted. “Lara, you staying for a while or you gonna head off again? Which one is it girl?”
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Cat Woman
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Yes, sounds to me that he is asking if she is staying awhile and/or leaving again right away.
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He's pointing the fact that she clearly stays in her manor no more than 5 minutes before going in another different country haha
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