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For PC , I have one TR2 folder with the 3 exes in it(each named with what it is, so UK Box, EPC and Multipatch)
As for PSX i have no idea if you can use the same save. But i once got an NTSC save for TR3, and used it on a PAL game, and it worked perfectly- but that was TR3.
But most likely you shouldn't run into any major problems.

Also i wouldn't worry much about differences between levels, there aren't any major differences anyway, and small changes don't crash the game.

-if anyone has any questions about platform specific glitches feel free to DM me, about any classic game-

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I do have intentions to experiment with some of the other unreachable healthpacks; the ones that haven't yet been proved obtainable. I'm not a PC Player, so I won't be using any kind of modding; I will be relying mostly on glitches. My intentions are to try and see if there might be theoretical ways of reaching the unreachable.

I cannot provide you with any indication as to when this will be as I am in no position to play games at the moment; I haven't been home for over six months and although I will be returning home eventually, I have no idea when that is going to be.
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