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Default Glitch Sphinx Complex

Just replayed this on my PC 'no scratch' run and I've had a definite glitch.

Where you pickup the metal blade for the spade and the secret I was so busy trying to deal with the guy who ambushes LC there I forgot to pickup the metal blade even though I moved the shelves to get the secret which is right in front of where it ends up.

I know it was there initially because when the crate broke I could see it on the floor from the crawl space. But later dealing with the other two guys I don't remember it. It definitely wasn't in my inventory because when I picked up the handle there was no menu Combine option available.

Anyway I went on eventually realising I hadn't picked up the blade so I went back and........nothing. It simply wasn't there, not invisibly embedded in the floor either because I clicked all over that area in the hope it would magically appear in LC's inventory. It didn't.

Thankfully I save consecutively and I could repeat from just before that room and picked up the metal blade immediately after I broke the crate and had no problem completing the rest of the level.

Known glitch?

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Never heard of this one before. Although it is known in a few other areas, that doing certain actions in combination with saving and reloading might cause the item to disappear from the inventory. The only one that comes to my mind right now is the gate key in TR4 - coastal ruins disappearing sometimes after talking to Yean-Yves.

The classics have quite a few game breaking bugs. It's a good idea to always search in a walkthrough for potential bugs like this. The one you encountered is not mentioned anywhere however.
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That's exactly what I do in such circumstances although it can be a bit embarrassing when you read Stella's or another guide thinking you've 'discovered' a new way to break the game and find what you thought was wrong was nothing of the sort and you'd just messed up in some way.

However, there are a few serious, game stopping glitches mentioned for these levels, particularly on PC but, as you say, a missing metal spade blade is not one of those recorded.

My first thought was that I'd accidentally covered it up when I moved the shelves for the secret. I'd actually positioned those tactically so if I had problems with the two guys coming in through the garage type door I could use them as cover. Turned out that was unnecessary.

But the blade was definitely not under either as when I realised I had not picked it up and went back I shifted the shelves well away from where the blade should have been on the floor and it just was not there.

It probably was/is some save/reload issue but I'm 99% sure I did not pick it before it went missing. It disappeared from its original location at some point after breaking the crate not LC's inventory.


I still had some pre-glitch saves and I've just been back to one of them to try and trigger whatever it was again. If anything it adds to the mystery because the game will not actually let you push the shelving over the blade. So it can not have been that but why didn't I pick up the blade at the time? I do not know because if it had stopped me pushing the shelving where I wanted to put it before opening the front door that would have been the obvious thing to have done.

What suggested is that the blade actually went missing earlier after the crate broke and likely when I was dealing with the first gunman who ambushes LC.

I do admit to using a wimpy 'trick' there instead of waiting to get the timing/angle right to get out of the crawl space unscratched. What I found is that I could trigger the gunman by backing into the room but he wouldn't hit her. After that he becomes active running around the room fairly randomly if LC goes back into the crawl space.
What I did is crawl out into the other room again and launch a grenade into the crawl space.

If you get the angle right it will bounce off the walls into the room with the gunman and kill him. Twice I managed that with only one round. I have a feeling maybe when I saved afterward that is when the blade disappeared. I think I exited the session at that point too and reloaded the save when I restarted.

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