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Originally Posted by nakamichi680 View Post
I hope it is not the same surprise as the easter joke in the multipatcher earlier this year

Another thing. Dit you notice the skeleton in the hall of seasons and the tomb of the anciens? On the pc version he takes a step forward kicks his head back (like getting attacked) and takes a step forward and doing this weird kind of dance till he gets near Lara and attacks her. In the ps2 version the skeleton behaves normal. I can post some vids if you dont know what i am trying to say.

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I've noticed that but I don't know why it happens
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ok. Now is there anything you need to fix with this level editing for TRAOD for the pc only? I know it's impossible to fix everything for the PS2 as much as I know sony already discontinued it. But hopefully there will finally be a way how to FIX everything for AOD in the future when Sony will finally make more of a modernized version of the PS2 with the HDMI video input along with everything else on how it's going to be made with the hardware inside it right after they finally made with the playstation classic console I really hope so. So let's see what's going to happen in the future! I always have a lot of hope to make all of that to happen for me as a Tomb Raider fan regardless!
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