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^ Adding to the creepiness, the oni were so creepy.

I get nostalgic for the reboot as well. 2013 as a year was so... specific.
Shout out to Christina Applegate.
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An interesting take from a survival expert. I was just biting my tongue every time she said Laura, but there's a little bit at the end where she gets it right, finally

"Who we are is not what we wear, or what sparkles. It's our spirit that defines us."
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Not really sure if I can start a new topic for this, so I'm simply posting it here.

I don't know if anyone found this out before, but if you use a trainer to jump through the roof into the area with all the Oni and the Stormguard Leader, you can do anything freely without facing instant death.

You can also kill the Stormguard Leader instantly with a stealth kill, however the popup doesn't appear ingame. I will upload a video of this later today.

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