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Glad you all enjoyed it! So happy she decided to step into the limelight after all this time!

(Also hi to everyone who remembers me, I certainly remember you all! )
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Lovely interview, I had no idea her and Shelley were friends!
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OMG her voice it's sooo nice to listen again (And also it didn't change after all of these years)

Brings back so many memories of TRC and Angel of Darkness

Thank you so much for sharing
Waiting for nothing

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Patrick star
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OH GOD HER VOICE ! makes my heart melt <3

Best Lara hands down ! this thread needs to be in General Chat subforum to gain more exposure . *runs to continue listening*
"Engage Common Sense" - Jaywalker , 2020 .
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You can just tell from the tone of her voice that she is a lovely and warm person!
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Great interview! Good to see you're still here too.

Loved listening to her. She'll always be my favourite Lara.
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Wow Chris! Jonell is always so hard to track down this is so exciting!
Does anybody really read these?!
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Jonell and Keeley are by far Lara for me. She sounds so lovely. Will go back and listen to the full thing soon. So awesome!
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