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Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
I've often heard people bring up her posture and facial expression, and honestly that stuff has just never bothered me. I didn't even notice it as "lacking confidence" until people pointed it out. I'm not trying to devalue your opinion. If it ruins the character for you, fair enough. I just personally didn't see it as a big deal.

Her actions, mostly her willingness to go on despite constant danger and her resourcefulness, is what is more important for me. She's still fairly early in her adventuring career. I wouldn't expect her to be completely confident at this point, considering what danger she's in. Shadow improved her posture and facial expression though, so we do see some growth.
I mean yeah, the posture is not one of the biggest problems for sure. But as I said, to me personally this is something I cannot not notice. If you're fine with it, then… it's fine!
(Her standing became better in Shadow, true, though her legs are still the same. Just like a lot of animations.)

But as in real life postures carries information about a person. It's something you can read. And in her case they didn't seem they wanted to play around with this much. Plus I just don't like what I read from it.

I was talking about this here once:

The fanart was for TR 2013 but a similar animation transition could've been implemented for Rise too (with different stages, of course). I like the idea because it has a mark on gameplay, and to me gameplay is more important than going from A to B just to trigger another dramatic cutscene or scripted event. Plus just the idea how a game designer could mix it with the atmosphere and the story at that moment. And of course it could also be a nice visual showcase of character development - the most important thing regarding to Reboot Lara, isn't it?

I've read this a few times that she still shouldn't be confident, but I don't know why that would've been a problem. The thing is that I wanted her to be f.ed up, tbh. A little... crazy. Confident but in a bold, truly careless way; the result of Yamatai. This is still not a final stage for the character, there would've been still something the writers can work on, there's place for developing the character since she's still not done yet. Just the goal could've been going from this crazy condition to a different type of action-adventure protagonist, when she's able to sense the weight of a human life again, so probably she wouldn't want to be a brutal killer anymore. Maybe the Divine Source could've helped her too…? (Just to use it for something.)

This idea of the craziness isn't part of the original character's survival story, but I just simply like toying with ideas what Yamatai could do to a person, and how that could affect the gameplay. (Yeah, I think I'm much more "in love" with that damned island than everything else in the reboot. )

I admit, even if I didn't like 100% her TR 2013 self either, I was (and tbh I am) obsessed with the idea that she still had the chance to become an adrenaline junkie fascinated with tombs and danger now; and on a minimal level she could've been the loveable jerk antihero too.

Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
A character can be nice and empathetic, but still be a badass.

It was in her best interest to gain the Remnant's trust, as they knew where the Atlas was.
True, she can be nice, even classic Lara has a kind side. Just I feel like it's overdone with reboot Lara. And I think she does things that any action-adventure videogame protagonist would do. She "has to", after all. But that's not everything.

It was, but why couldn't she get the Atlas on her own? Write the story in a way that she has to sneak by the remnants, or even kill them if they are in her way. Get clues by reading/solving some mandatory puzzles, murals, monoliths.
The remnants could even trigger something in Lara, when she sees them the first time. At first glimpse to me they are kinda looked like the "good" version of the Solarii - relatively primitive people living in a remote land, using bows and those rope bridges. Lara could see Mathias' men in them. Literally. Even in gameplay their character models could change into some dudes from the Solarii when she meets them in the Siberian Wilderness "level". (Again, I'm all about the gameplay. lol )

Of course, as the story progresses, they are slowly getting closer and closer to each other as allies by the finale - but just because they have to, to fight Trinity.

Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
I wouldn't completely disagree, as I believe out of the three games, this is her most static, boring representation. That being said though, I didn't mind, as the adventure itself was extremely fun and engaging.
It was fun for sure, I remember that the first time I thought "huh, I actually feel like she's on an adventure this time"; so it's not like it's a terrible game.

And I'm aware that a lot of things comes down to personal preferences at the end of the day, just you know... I'm a fan who loves and respects what Core created, and in general prefers the loveable jerk characters... so this definitely changes my perspective.

I hope I'm not triggering way too much for reboot fans. I'm trying to be a fan who balances things out, who tries to be at the middle, who's not an extremist... but at the same time I don't want to sugarcoat my opinion either. Btw, I wouldn't be that passionate about all this if I wouldn't see the potential in the reboot. I just hate how a lot of cool concept is wasted, or how they changed some core elements (you know what? ...pun intended! ).

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
The issue with reboot Lara is she is essentially designed to be a everyday plain Jane,
Yeah, that's the main problem I have with the character - she has fundamental issues.

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
Her visual appearance is plain and Lara is designed to look quite meek. This was done deliberately in Tomb Raider (2013) in order to make Lara "relatable" and make the player want to "protect her" and sadly carried through into the following games.
I like her design, but only on concept arts. Because even on CAs most of the time she looks more determined, and someone I can imagine a good incarnation of classic Lara. But when it comes to what they made out of the concepts... ugh.

Okay, let's make her more human in most people's eyes, but why change her so much in the meanwhile? The original character had so much interesting attribution, but we know a lot of details mostly from her bio, so it's just in a written form. The reboot could've build these things into the games, to work out them even more, and make people realize who the original character was. Or at least create someone very similar, even if not exact the same, so people can understand the CORE of a Lara Croft character. (Pun intended again. Okay, I'll stop. )

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
It's honesty beyond me how anyone she's threatened doesn't just laugh in her face.

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
Tomb Raider (2013) should of had a massive impact on Lara as a character, and she should of came out of it psychologically damaged and changed.
Yes. As I mentioned, I wanted her to be f.ed up. It would've been more interesting to me; the gameplay too.

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
Furthermore, there seems to be very little change in her reaction to dangerous situations. Lara lacks finesse in her animations and she climbs around the place screaming and wailing rather than being prepared for imminent danger. I don't think she should not react to danger, but how it's done certainly needs changing. The constant "****" and screaming is just annoying at this stage.
I agree.

If I would have to use metaphors I'd say the original Lara is like a cat, while reboot Lara is like a dog. (I'm generalizing these animals. I know that not every single cat and every single dog is the same. And I love both animals, before someone gets triggered.)
One of them is loveable jerk, the other one is friendlier. One of them prefers solitude and lives by her own rules, the other one prefers company and can't wait to be petted even if she has to do bajillion tricks for it, or to be called a good lil' gurl. One of them is acrobatic, the other one is not. Etc, etc. Again, a fundamental issue. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
99% of the focus is on her mummy and daddy and protecting the world from the big bad men.
Btw, if they reeaally wanted to come up with a parent line for the story, why not bringing up the topic of a toxic family, that makes you feel like if you would be a bird in a cage?... Why not make Lara NOT missing her parents?...

Originally Posted by Linoshi Croft View Post
We've had three games to cover her origins, yet half of her development appears to be missing and a complete and utter lack of attention to detail. Also, what the developer believes makes Lara the "Tomb Raider" is deeply misplaced.
I completely agree. (Nice post btw. )
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Originally Posted by Grimaldi View Post
I think this and the Syria scene where she jumps out of the sarcophagus don't make her look very smart. What was her plan? She rushes into the centre of a room where multiple men with rifles can see her, puts a gun to the head of a Trinity agent they'll kill her to protect, and...then what? For all Lara knows, Ana is expendable (which she is, as we later find out), so it was possible they'd have gunned her down on the spot, and Lara's bluff of shooting her is kind of silly because the minute she goes through with it she's dead. The explosives are just really convenient, as was being able to swipe Konstantin's detonator without either him or the other soldiers who were locked onto her noticing. Jonah happening to return after their argument to save her from the Trinity guy in Croft Manor as well.
It makes her look like a mary sue honestly.

She should have been captured at the sarcophagus at best or dead at worst.

Plot Armor is a pretty common thing for Reboot Lara.
"What does it mean to be a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"
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