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Angry Game runs fine but has freezes and stutters. any idea?

The game runs comepletly fine on my windows 10 laptop. locked 60fps and everythings plays great. but sometimes the game like freezes for 1-3 seconds for no reason. like im playing normally and then the screen gets stuck and then you can play normally again. its not a lag or performance problem since the game don't drop frames when its "working". any idea why this could happen? i tried regedit advice and turning water effects off but it didn't do anything... i am using the STEAM version.
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It might be the game itself and nothing regarding your PC, the PC Versions of LAU are quite broken as the versions get the least budget costs when it comes to porting, just like how the original Legend PC release was just an cheap port from the Xbox Version.
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Yeah it must be the game. I figured out TR2013 runs better at my PC than Underworld, game is probably bad optimized or something.
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I don't know if that would fix your specific problem, but TRU's game logic is tied to the frame rate and if it goes over 85 FPS, stuff like physics stop working properly. Maybe try using v-sync or cap the frame rate to 85 FPS.
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