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Originally Posted by RAID View Post
Lara moving like she's addicted to caffeine
lol this is a such a perfect description of its movement system.
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I finished Underworld on Wii years and years ago. I need to play it on PC sometime so I can have a better opinion on the gameplay and what-not.

But I remember the story being really awkward. Incorporating Anniversary into the plot seemed like a mistake and took away from where we left off in Legend. It also felt like they were trying to dial things up for the finale, which I thought was great and exciting at first. But once that wore off, I realized how overdone and shallow a lot of it ended up being. The way Legend ends with turning the tables on the player and revealing that Lara had been the anti-hero of her own story (by setting certain events in motion) was great and well-executed. To see that capped off by the cheap shock value of the Amelia scene was really lousy.

The Natla and Doppelganger stuff had some great moments, but I would've liked to have seen more involvement from the rest of the cast (especially Amanda). The manor burning down was a lot of fun too, but the Alister scene was pointless imo. I also didn't really care for the trash talk CD was dishing out at CORE over AoD at the time while reworking the destruction of the manor idea that they'd left on the cutting room floor.

Originally Posted by RAID View Post
there are no collectibles
I really hated how they handled collectibles. I enjoyed finding secrets in Legend and Anniversary and unlocking different outfits and features. Underworld's concept art was cool, but it was a huge step back. It's reminiscent of Chronicles. I don't see why they couldn't have had a set of things to unlock in-game (like Legend and Anniversary) and a set of things that were DLC only.

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