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Default Is this game someone's favourite?

Title says it all. I like the original TR very much, but it's not my favourite. Makes me wonder if it is someone's despite the very limited movepool and limited engine functionalities.
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for me it is without a doubt one of the best entries in the whole series (next to TR4).
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Yes, mine, along with TR3.

I think a lot of it depends on which game you played first and when you played the games.

I played TR1 first at the time of it's release - when it was a technical marvel and also had groundbreaking action-adventure gameplay. It was fresh and new and there was NOTHING like it out there. I hadn't played a gazillion similar games with similar mechanics and puzzles before and so it was challenging and novel, beautiful and scary, all at the same time.

It gave me shivers to step down that wolf-pawed cave entrance, and to find a hidden valley populated by dinosaurs, and walk the corridors of Egyptian palaces, and to stand on the walkways of the Cistern above the crystalline pool beneath, and... and... and... so many unexpected, detailed moments I could recount that stay with me to this day... Utterly perfect in their depiction and also extremely atmospheric.


I think if I came at it now after I'd played all the games that have been out since it debuted it wouldn't seem quite so much. All the games (not just TR games) we have played since then have built on things that were new in gaming then and have taken us into new and different places. If you come at after being experienced to other games first (TR and otherwise) then it may seem comparatively limited.

I can understand why to some people this game doesn't seem special but it will always be to me because I see it with the eyes that experienced it at it's prime.
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I love it. I love the visuals. The distinct locations. The more block/ jump-based platforming. The puzzles were pretty clever, neat level design. Love the sounds. Love the story a lot too. <3
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It’s my second favorite, right behind TR3.

I know a lot of people have a somewhat hard time playing it since it didn’t feature some of the little features and new moves from the later classics, but I can almost always jump in and have a pretty good time.

Its atmosphere and isolation, the simple but still unique and challenging level design, the story, and other things all contribute to why I love the game.
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It's my least favorite of the classics, and I might be the only one who prefers Anniversary over it. It's still a good game, I enjoy playing it but not as much as the rest. Yes, I like TR5 more too.
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Originally Posted by TR-Freak View Post
for me it is without a doubt one of the best entries in the whole series (next to TR4).
youre the only person on this forum who actually has taste. we're friends now
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its my favourite classic
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it's 100% my fav classic. it gets the balance between atmospheric, campy, creepy and fun so so right.

also i really like the bun lmao
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I love it, but I think among all of the old games its my least favorite.
I prefer Unfinished Business levels by a fair bit personally.

TR1-5 are pretty perfect in my eyes though along with their expansion packs regardless of which one I like more and such.
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