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One of my favourites.

Of all the classics, its the one I played last. (not the last I actually got around to finishing though.)

There's almost a beauty to its "first game syndrome", it and TR2 noticebly lack any real "Guide dang it" moments as Tvtropes call it, (moments where you either have to look up a walkthrough or tons of trial and error.) which means they're my favourites of the Classic Series.

While I want TR to increase the adventure game elements, 4 did it well sometimes and Chronicles just outright made it trial and error without question. (Like shooting that one specific fire extinquisher in Escape with the Iris that explodes. unlike very other fire extinquisher in the series.)
"What does it mean to be a Tomb Raider?,It means to collect artifacts for sport"

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I'm not really sure if it's my favourite. It's for sure the one I play the most. A lot of its charm for me obviously stems from the fact that it was the first installment I ever played and that it made me fall in love with not only the series but the whole genere.
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Not my favorite. It's the second or third one I (really) played.
I started with AOD and then it was maybe the first or the second game. It was on PC and there was no sound lol. I don't remember liking it because TR2 was playing better on my computer.

I really liked TR1 but as I played other TR before this one, it always felt a bit empty.
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