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Wow, this is so cool!

Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
The offical Tomb Raider account has been abandoned. I don't think they have anyone at all working with that account. It used to be the community manager, but given the fact that they seem to have moved over to the Avengers project completely I don't think we will see any information from that account coming out anytime soon. That account is dead.
Well of course the official accounts are silent about this, it doesnít have anything to do with reboot Laura, lol. This star is more of a Classic Lara thing so they donít care about it.
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The official accounts have been sharing lots of Classic related stuff lately. Classic Lara fanart, Area 51, etc
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Originally Posted by TRDerby View Post
As some of you may have seen online, Lara Croft received her very own star on the #MadeinDerby walk of fame. I had some involvement with the organisation and with the press embargo it was difficult not to say anything.

Heather Stevens unveiled the star with Nathan McCree and Gavin Rummery being our CORE DESIGN representatives. We love Lara in Derby and this is the first of many things to come! Note that all plaques feature Lara on the left side.

Very cool that Lara got her star. It's been a long time coming
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