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The quality reduction of the fonts is related to graphical issues in TR1 . Anyway , thanks everyone .
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Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
Good work and certainly better than anything I found but still, obviously, not a close match and neither it or the 'similar' fonts have any lower case letters.

The outlining of the font is maybe just embellishment. If you look at screen shots of the inventory and zoom in on the fonts it is an odd mixture. The outlining seems to be a darker green but only applied to top and sides. There are black drop shadows but there is great inconsistency in their application.

With numbers the drop shadows are at the bottom of the character but with some letters it is to the right or left barely distinguishable from the green 'outlining'. With other letters, like the upper case H you can just about see shadows of both feet above the bottom of the character.

Maybe it is just a resolution matter and the fine detail has gone missing or is distorted in the screen grabs but whatever the cause it makes identifying the underlying font difficult.
I really think it's a custom made font. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out they did it by hand, I mean put each pixel down on the image manually...
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Very likely that is what happened. But, as said, it seems a bit mad to do it in terms of time wasted and consequent additional cost when they could have used an off the shelf commercial font. Customising that, adding outlines, shadows, textures and colour to make it more unique and Tomb Raider-y could still have been done.
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I really can't find out why in the old times , they used to use some bad graphical fonts for the game ... I don't know the reason . Perhaps , they could add a little bit of shading or outlining to the characters , couldn't they ?
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