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Question Lost Artifact Stonehedge????

For anyone who's played Willard's Lair and obtained all three secrets, why is there a Scottish "Stonehedge" @ the end of the highlander's meadow?????

And why is it there???? The actual Stonehedge is on the opposite end of the U.K.

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It's not exactly "Stonehenge" They are menhirs arranged in patterns all over the UK. Stonehenge isn't unique in that regard it is just the more famous of the lot. I'm sure the designers originally put it in as a reference to Stonehenge but there are similar structures in Scotland.
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There are secret locations hidden in every level, the designer mentions in the Tomb Raider Level Editor manual how this was to make secrets more of a treat to the player than just some items.

This particular one, it's probably a Braveheart easter egg considering pop culture at the time the game was made. The Lost World is referenced in Shakespeare's Cliffs. There are stones like that all over the UK, and while these may be an allusion to it for the purposes of the game, it isn't supposed to be the famous Stonehenge.

...which interestingly enough, is not technically a 'Henge'.

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That is why I loved Lost Artifact the best of the gold games, it had so much put into it that it felt different from its TR3 counterpart completely, as it really makes searching the entire area over for the big reward that is not merely items but a whole new location in a way and out of all the classics, Lost Artifact makes me want to take my time the most since it is that unique and has so much missable content if you only play once.

Then it has odd things that trick your eyes sometimes, such as the car doing a wheelie or catching a glimpse of Nessy in Highland Fling and then questioning if you were actually just seeing things because of the level that it is based upon but it is all in good fun and the game is quite accurate as we do have crazy blondes that are power hungry in the UK currently.
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