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Default What are tribal outfits or skins you can bear?

Given how most of us don't like them period, which ones can you just bear enough to play this game?
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None of them. Really.
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I really didn't mind the Blue Heron Tunic - although I prefer the DLC variant with armor, or the outfit Q'orianka wears even.

If only she didn't have to wear it for like half of the game...

The rest can burn. Particularly the Serpent Guard "disguise", because that whole plot point was beyond idiotic.
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Blue Heron Tunic
The Armor Version you get from Pillar
That one with the Bunny
The one the bald woman wears
The one with the carpet
The one with the one wing
The one with the green lines
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Most of them tbh. I don‘t hate them at all.
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I can somehow bear the tunic of the exiled fox. Everything else belongs in the trash can.
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There was one in Shadow where she had like a lot of brown feathers (well, that wasn't unique to this skin, let's be real) and also a hood. That one did look quite cool though I hate it on Lara.

Some of them do look kind of interesting, in their own way. Almost like the kind of car crash you see on a haute couture runway. Yknow when you think "who the **** would wear that and when?", but you have to admire the outlandishness the pretentious designer came up with while clearly on crystal meth.

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In Paititi I just wear the Vest of the Empress Jaguar and the Hide Boots of Urqu because it... sort of resembles the default outfit.

Otherwise, I can tolerate the Honor Guard Sinchi Chiqa Battle Dress and the Blue Heron Tunic.
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None, honestly.
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The top fully covered in feathers and the cerimonial dress with cuts on both sides
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