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The giant spiders in Temple of Xian are the most scariest enemies in Tomb Raider II for me. When I approach that cave and enter it, I always have shivers. I don't mind the yetis in Catacombs of the Talion and Ice Palace. Spiders and their webs are disgusting and this is why I fear them more.
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I think the ones that I found the most scary on my very first playthrough was the flying statues in Floating Islands. The sound they make and how you can see them in the distance just inevitably floating towards you. And if your back is turned...
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The flying Xian statues in Floating Islands. There's something unsettling about them flying towards Lara from the distance. The first time I played this level, I did not expect to encounter an enemy like this. It doesn't help that they are very quiet enemies. The spear statues are also pretty creepy as well, but at least you can anticipate them somewhat in their statue form.

The giant underwater fans in the Rig levels use to scare me too.
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The giant spider in Temple of Xian
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The effing Yetis! Their howl/shriek always gives me the heebies

The Guardian of the Talion would be scary too if not for that one square Lara can stand on and take plinkshots at him

Floating flying statues are unsettling because they're so bleeping fast. That one shark at the beginning of 40 Fathoms gets a shout-out too

Humans are definitely the most grotesque looking enemies though. All brick-jawed amd ropey-muscled.. bleh!
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TR2 definitely had the most terrifying set of enemies out of all the Classics. I was scared ****less of most of them. The yetis and the floating warriors immediately spring to mind, but when some of you mentioned the eel that took me back.

I'll tell you what, though. Even the crooks with their weird heavy breathing used to weird me out, especially when you can hear them but can't find them. That, and the flame thrower dudes. They were scary, too.
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The yeti's without a doubt. They are literal jumpscares. Sudden dramatic music accompanied with the dark and cold tone of the levels.. not to mention they charge at you pretty fast.
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Yetis no doubt.
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In TR2 specifically, the sharks stress me out, because the chomping noises they make are ****ing unholy.
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The Yeti.
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