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Default Bug with traps

Hey guys, I'm having "small" problem..

I'm playing Rise and for the first time in.. Since it was released I'm doing Score attack. And I'm literally in the first level and..

I don't know if it's something with the gun, or something with the traps, but
Many times when I'm trying to shot the white something that is flying in the air, I'm shooting at it but it seems like I'm not even shooting at it.
But that wouldn't be the worst. The worst part is, that the same is happening with traps. So, imagine there's a trap you can't avoid and when there is that QTE and slow motion sequence when your leg is stuck in the mechanism and there's a spike trap coming straight to your face and you're shooting, shooting, shooting exactly where you should but that trap doesn't react, which is preventing me from completing that score attack, or, basically rest of the game.

Anyone had same issues?
I haven't seen anything like this when I played it on x360, nor ps4 so I'm curious if anyone had same issues with it on pc or only me 😅
Thanks for reading this.
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Not seen this buggy problem and I am also on PC version of the game.

Have you tried using a previous save, and see if the same fault happens?
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