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Originally Posted by New Dwight View Post
'Become the Tomb Raider'

shiiiiiizz, more like become the Bitch Raider.
Become the Tribeswoman
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New Dwight
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Originally Posted by Athukraz View Post
Become the Tribeswoman
Roll her ass in the mud and she becomes: The Swamp Woman.

^^your future Lara if you don't get your brain straight.
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Why are you becoming such salty New Dwight ?
Something bout tombs makes me feel like a dangerous woman !
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Originally Posted by jackoimina View Post
Very bad - I work in marketing so I noticed **** from the get go. Don't get me wrong, I love the game itself, pre-ordered the steelbook, spent A LOT of money on other merch like that artbook, game guide, novel etc - but the marketing choices are to blame for how this whole thing turned out in general.

Releasing it next to Spider-Man (??)

Having NO IDEA what the game is trying to be (bit of an identity crisis as someone already said), no clear vision, no clear mood and messege.
You have devs talking about emotion and character development, defining moments for Lara and what not, but you also have trailers showing none of that and Lara as a killing machine in the dark jungle setting.

Confusion and misdirect in comunication with fans and media. What made it worse is it felt intentional. Secrecy that started even much earlier, not coming clear about the leaked title of the game, there was no raason not to reveal it when everyone was already discussing it - when they DID reveal it in that piece of messege to fans it was old news already.

They than weirdly decided to continue with secrecy showing the game again and again behind closed doors for a handful of chosen people who would than only talk about it to the rest of us. They kept describing Cozumel part of the game and the flood creating expectations and when the footage was FINALLY released it was again nothing new, just a visualisation of what we already knew.

E3 trailer didn't help either. It was even worse than releasing that useless first CGI trailer. It's 2018 (was) and graphics are so advanced today with games looking beautiful - there is no room for CGI crap anymore, that first teaser should've been in-game. And than E3 didn't look on par even with Rise or Uncharted 4, not to mention other games (Lost Legacy still looks better than Shadow).

Whoever was truly in charge of this mess should never again work in marketing bc that's what hurt this game the most no matter how much I personally loved it. It didn't do great.
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Originally Posted by New Dwight View Post
Roll her ass in the mud and she becomes: The Swamp Woman.


^^your future Lara if you don't get your brain straight.
This is pretty much what she becomes when she throws mud on herself in Shadow.
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I have not finished the game, but I do intend to this year. A poster above called it sombre. Thats a great way to describe it. Muted, but not diluted to the point where it doesn't feel like a modern TR game. They dindn't dumb the game down or anything, but they certainly didn't raise the stakes.

The marketing reflected this. It just looked like another TR game, and these games aren't exactly all that popular to begin with.

The first CG trailer showed us a jacked Lara, an amazon setting and some Rambo style kills. Thats all. OK, cool, but nothing gripping.

The in game trailer showed all the above, absolutely nothing new. The rope kill was a neat touch. The song choice wasn't.

The 10 minute Tomb Raiding gameplay showed us the underwater sections and an eel. Great.

The E3 panels showed us Camilla's legs.

The Paititi / Jungle walkthrough demos did show us the hub world, which was more dense than ever, but I can't imagine anyone really being impressed by that.

The TV spot showed the same footage as previous trailers, but now with even worse music.

The Launch trailer was great though. But alas, too little too late.

The launch trailer should have been the ''reveal'' trailer at E3.
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jackoimina pretty much said all my feelings towards the marketing. It was overwhelming disappointing, which in fact matched my feelings towards the final game of the trilogy.

What bothered me the most was all the talk of Laras defining moment and her "becoming THE Tomb Raider". It was said over and over again, all which ended up being very misleading and underwhelming. No idea what the "defining moment" was meant to be. I was expecting it to be very clear but I guess not.
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The marketing was pretty much non existent
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Lyle Croft
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Originally Posted by fondantcookie View Post
The marketing was pretty much non existent
This come to think of it.

There was the CGI trailer...
And then it was shown behind closed doors, we didn't even get much until a month or two before the game was released.

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Mod edit: no personal digs please.
Comment removed.
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