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Idk Lara was already an icon even before Angelina. I think Angelina was just perfect for the role because her face almost looks like they based Lara on her, she's such a great physical fit. The only thing off is the eye colour.

That said I think Rhona Mitra was even better
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^ It wasn't like that here. It was Angelina and the first movie who made non-gamers ask "who is that woman?". And to date, these people who have never played the games automatically think of Angelina and the first movie. And I wouldn't be surprised if she was still the most recognisable element even for some who played the games

I am aware the world works different in other countries (thankfully) but I wonder to which extent.
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post

I also have to stress, again, we need to take into account the massive growth of the gaming industry and how many more people are playing games these days, before we make bold statements like "the reboot is more successful than the 90s series".
Exactly. Lara was on magazine covers & had fashion designers make custom fit clothing just for her after the release of TRII and she was already big way before Angelina
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Tomb Raider I or II.

Last Revelation could have been if the game didn't **** itself at the Alexandria/Cairo point .
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*I'm going to put on my snob hat for a moment.*

There isn't one.

Implying that a franchise can have a magnum opus is comparable, in my opinion, to the absurd position that a corporation can be considered an individual.

The number of people who have worked on these games, even if we limit this to only the creative director of each, is wide and diverse. Different visions, different expectations, different end goals.

A magnum opus, to me, is the defining work of a particular artist. Or, in the case of a collective like a rock band, a group of artists. The piece that stands above all of the other work. The one the artist can look at when they finally set down their pen, or brush, or instrument, whatever the medium, and say, "This is the work I'm most proud of."

Something like Tomb Raider doesn't have one. Oh sure, we can talk about what game we think is the best amongst them all, or what game best represents the franchise to someone who has never played it before. There are similar notions that may have parallels to a magnum opus.

It would be like saying "What is the magnum opus of Star Trek?" The number of writers, directors, actors and actresses, concept artists, etc, makes it a foolish question. And like Tomb Raider, we can debate which story amongst all of them may be the best, or represents the idea of Star Trek the best, but in the end, is that defining work of an artist?

Not really, no.

Magnum opus means something. It shouldn't be used as shorthand, and it shouldn't be loosely applied in a way that makes one of these titles seem mightier than it really is.

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Nothing after TR4. Probably by outside standards the first or second game.

I mean I think TR1-5 is perfect, I see no reason that TR1 by objective standards should represent any better part of Tomb Raider than another part, they are all just different. But relative to the game's place in culture and the video game industry... I guess I would say TR1... OR TR4... hmmm...
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Originally Posted by Lara_Fan1 View Post
Personally I think the most recognised body of work is Lara Croft herself. We all know pretty much every level of the franchise so if someone was to show us a image we could have a pretty good chance of getting it right but if you showed someone who isn’t a fan, they wouldn’t know. However, show them a picture of Lara Croft and they know exactly who she is.

Edit; An I think it’s more CLara that’s the most recognisable and that’s down to the first three games. Show someone a picture of a woman with dual guns and a backpack and they’ll know exactly who she is no matter which version of Croft it is. However, I don’t think reboot Lara has that much power, I’m not bashing the reboot games but Lara has a character doesn’t standout as much. I remember playing the reboot and my mum walked in and asked what I was playing when I told her Tomb Raider she asked me why she didn’t have her guns. Now my mum isn’t a gamer in the slightest, you hand her a pad and she looks at it like I’ve asked her to operate a plane or something so even someone who has zero knowledge of games knows what traits to look for.
Yup I agree with this. It's easily the character of Lara. Everyone knows who old skool Lara Croft is as she was pretty much a celebrity. Other than Lara I'd say the first 3 games. Usually one of those 3 will be someone's favourite or has some good memories of a particular part in the game, whether it's the T-rex or the speedboat in Venice or playing about in Lara's Home.

Speaking of, I think locking Winston in the freezer is something I have seen posted a lot of collectively something everybody did and can remember.
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It doesn't have a definitive "everyone should play this title" like how Resident Evil has RE2 or DMC has DMC 3. Closest would probably be TR1, TR2 or Rise, but even then, not really.

TR2013 is probably the title that is most associated with the brand (at this point), but it's not necessarily the best.
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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
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Originally Posted by CroftManiac05 View Post
I'd say TR2. Everyone remembers the Venice levels and locking the butler in the freezer.
Yup. TR 2 was my first ever tomb raider game and it's great wall level and Venice sections are iconic.
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