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If the Crimson Fire was into this Tomb Raider game, then I believe that she'll know how to tame the screamer as she'd keep him as her pet! Do any of you agree on that?
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Alex Fly
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Just thought I'd post it here too, hope you don't mind...

You can purchase some of the original Angel of Darkness concept arts on the Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel Symphony online shop that has opened its doors yesterday: https://trdarkangel.com/product/concept-art/ (only 17 remaining as I write this). They were kindly donated to The Dark Angel Symphony by Square Enix.

The shop supports PayPal and Stripe so if you were hesitating to use your card for the Kickstarter campaign this is your last chance to grab one piece of Tomb Raider history!
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AOD has this piece of concept art inside the game files.

It's located at "DATA/FRONTEND".

It's called "GALLERY" so maybe unlockable concept art like Chronicles was intended to exist in AOD.
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