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Default When did you use a walkthrough?

Hey everyone!

When I first played Tomb Raider, I got really stuck a couple of times, long enough that I decided to resort to a walkthrough.

I always prefer to avoid a walkthrough (though I may give up struggling after a while if a game is too arbitrary, like Sam & Max - Hit the Road), so I give it my best before giving in, and this often means going round in circles and for over an hour...

In general, the more modern a game is, the less likely it is that I'll need a walkthrough, because (usually) game design does improve over time (and that doesn't necessarily mean less complexity - for example Deus Ex is a very complex game but I never needed a walkthrough, and I have been playing on the Realistic difficulty setting since my first playthrough). If a game relies on purely logical puzzles (with consistent rules of interaction), it's ok (I completed realMyst without any walkthrough so I know I don't suck at puzzles in general), unless the puzzles are too smart for me (e.g., Riven).

Arbitrary puzzles, along with obscure situation-specific mechanics are common in older games (especially in the puzzle adventure game genre, which used to lack context-sensitive user interface elements).

OK, enough with the preamble, when did you need to use a walkthrough in Tomb Raider? I don't mean for secrets, I mean just to be able to complete a level.
Are some of you honestly able to say you never needed a walkthrough for this game? Really? Good on ya.

I used a walkthrough in two instances, both situated in the Greek part of the adventure:

- Palace Midas: this is my biggest regret, but yes, despite experiencing being turned into gold when standing on the Midas hand, I failed to understand how to proceed... in fairness, this is made unnecessarily complicated by the fact that, armed with your lead bars, you have to try a mechanic normally reserved for using a key by facing and standing against the side of Midas's palm - a situation-specific mechanic which, you know, never gets used anywhere else, and without context-sensitive user interface elements...

- Cistern: a really gamey level this one, almost completely abstract, I honestly can't remember exactly where I got stuck, but I think it was after flooding/emptying the cistern repeatedly while trying to figure out the right sequence of actions to find the second silver key or the golden key or something... anyway, I just used the walkthrough to understand the next step I couldn't get right, then continued without the walkthrough for the remaining steps until I reached the exit.

Funny that I needed outside help to finish these two adjacent levels in the game, but nowhere else. It's not like they're part of the game's finale either, they're not even part of the climax within their own chapter!
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I have completed the original Tomb Raider without using walkthroughs.
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