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Default Multiplayer Madness

Thanks for the ongoing virus and people getting stuck at home, companies trying to help, to entertain.
So ToOis free (and GoL is on 85% sale) many player picked it up. Nice.
I bought this game a christmas gift for myself back in 2014, but never really got the chance to use the multiplayer feature and boy, was I lucky.

Yesterday I reinstalled this title and I started a new game. Soon the controls came back to me, like bad luck, but I was back in bussines. Quit to main menu, set host to everyone... let the madness begin.

Issue 1.
Each character has 4 slots for weapons, the 4th is always empty, whenever someone join the session, or start a session, or the player joined a session. So, each and every time, the first thing to do, is put your gear back. (For me it was the silverballers.)

Issue 2.
Matchmaking. It is bad. Like really bad. I can't even describe how bad it is.
Let me present a scenario:

You click on continue, you spawn into the main HUB and on you go. You just picked up something, loading screen, because someone is going to join you.
Okay. You respawned. You pick up your thing again, this time with help.
Loading screen, 3rd player joining. Okay, no biggies. More fun.
3rd player joined. You just start to move, 3rd player disconnected.
Fine. You are slightly annoyed, but whatever.
You respawned. The two of you having fun, you just start a tomb. 3rd and 4th player joins. one of them constantly trying to kill you, the other is clueless and running around like a headless chicken.
Okay, there is a chat. Quick class for basics and on we go. Just about hitting the first checkpoint, 4th player disconnects. Then the 3rd too. Loading screen. 2 new player joined. Back to start. 2nd player disconnects. Just about hitting checkpoint, new player joined. Back to start.

This happens for minutes, sometimes even for 10 minutes straight and you've done no real progress. Plus, it happens always with the character selection screen.

Issue 3.
I get it, if someone new to the game. Also the controls are a bit iffy. I do get it, I too screw up sometimes. But If one jump kills you, it will kill you a second, a third and for the 5th times too.

Issue 4.
Again, if someone new to Lara's world, they may have not been used to solve puzzles.
Now, the puzzles are not that hard, some of them very obvious.
Out of 10 players 6 will be clueless on how to progress, they even -not deliberately - will stop you from solving the problems.
This just shows, that some of the strangest complaints against SoTR, are legit. Ie.: too much puzzles. (look it up on steam reviews)

Issue 5.
Chatbox. Many of them don't know, that there is a way to communicate. But even if they do, it's a hassle really, since you can't quit the chatbox without going to the pause menu.

Issue 6.
When the game frequently has to restart/reload a level, it might go buggy.
That means, when I spent 5 minutes watching others joining and disconnecting, my cursor had disappeared. Now, at that point I played as Lara, so it was critical to have it, since I had to use the grapple, but I had no idea where is it aiming.

Issue 7.
No one wants to play as Carter or Horus.

Now, there were -are... and hopefully will be good moments too.
After an hour or so of suffering, I landed with 3 randoms.

Compliment 1.
Like I said, I landed with 3 randoms. Each of them played the tutorial, so they had some ideas about controls.
It was a pleasure to play with them, everyone got each others' back. If something was unclear, we discussed it. It was really good.

Compliment 2.
The puzzles didn't changed much for 4 players, but oh boy, they were so much more fun to solve. Especially the snake boss and Kephri!

Compliment 3.
The best randoms to play with, are the ones who played the game before.
It is some much more fluid, more goofy.
Hell, the communications happened trough weapons only!

Compliment 4.
Despite the annoying matchmaking, it's fun!

Either way, if you are willing to put up with some madness only to gather or join a good team, ToO is still holding up. It's definitely worth a shot.
Now, I'm thinking to reinstall GoL too, it might have some new players...

Good luck and happy raiding folks!

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