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Default Relic Run Collector's Edition (fan-made)

Just came across this fan-made Collector's Edition of Relic Run and the detail gone into it is mind-blowing. Frankly, it's better than most CEs we see for AAA games today. It includes the game on disc, an artbook, Lara's in-game journal with all the writing, an art card and even an actual relic replica. Check it out:

As far as I know, this is not for sale but I'd totally buy it if it was.
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I want this in my collection so bad hahah
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Wow, this is truly amazing work. It looks so absolutely high-quality and well-done. I borderline want to have one made for me, too
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I want it, amazing work though. Too bad we don't have something official like this
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Really cool project and expertly made!

The presentation in this video drove me absolutely crazy though 🙃 like arjafdk;djsaklf; get to the point, quit making weird hand gestures and rubbing things for 9 minutes
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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
quit making weird hand gestures and rubbing things for 9 minutes
Some people might like that for 9 minutes

I saw it a few days ago and it's really good made. Like the fact that people still do these type of things!!
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